Chasing Contentment

Friday, January 7

It's cold and rainy today and there are no working toilets in my building at work, so if we need to use the facilities, we have to take an umbrella and walk to another building close by.

In an effort to lift my spirits, Aleece sent me a creative challenge. I'm to envision the kind of lifestyle store I would have of my own... health, fitness, whatnot... and describe what it would look like and feel like and smell like and what I would sell. And so... here goes...

It would be a free-standing building like an older home with loads and loads of big windows that I’d change the curtains on according to the season…soft, whispy things in the spring and summer and heavy, velvet draperies in the winter. On bright, sunny days, I’d tie the curtains back to let the sunlight stream in and fill the space with a warm glow. And on dreary days, I’d let them fall closed, giving a cocoon feeling to the rooms.

The roof would be made of tin so that on rainy days like this, the sound would be rhythmic and reassuring.

All of the furniture would be deep and plush, cushy and encompassing. I’d have one room painted with deep, rich colors; walls lined with bookshelves and filled with inspiring books, beloved comics, and romances. It would have supple leather sofas and chairs, perfect for curling up with a book.

I’d have another room painted with bright, energetic colors. It would have tables and comfy game chairs and bins and bins of craft supplies, perfect for sitting and creating.

The third room would be painted a deep plum to accent the plasma televisions on the walls. There would be wireless access so people could sit and surf the internet while watching their favorite shows.

In all but the tv room, soft jazz would play. Cell phones would have to be on ‘silent’ all the time, and I would have the requisite bookstore cat to roam and welcome. I’d burn lightly scented candles all around, and in the front, I’d have a tea bar. I’d sell hot and iced teas and Diet Cokes and goodies – both salty and sweet – and eggless cookies. People could buy candles or music or finished artwork.

It would be somewhere that people from different walks of life could enjoy, in different moods. It would be warm and comforting and welcoming, and above all, nurturing.

[  posted by Chel on Friday, January 07, 2005  ]