Chasing Contentment

Friday, March 31

This afternoon, I placed a classified ad with our local newspaper in an effort to sell our house. It'll begin running on Sunday, so I suppose this is official. It's a little daunting, this selling and buying of houses. But I trust that God's got a family in mind for our house and a house in mind for our family.

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Wednesday, March 29

I once had a conversation with a friend about how God speaks to us these days. My friend suggested that God speaks only through the Scriptures. At the time, I wasn't reading my Bible very much at all and yet I was sure that I had at times felt God's leading strongly enough to say that He had spoken to me, to my life. I argued that if God were only able to speak to me through the Bible, then I was out of luck. I also argued that assuming God could only do this or that was limiting God.

I wrote earlier this week about my seemingly endless struggle with my self-image and my new-found determination to overcome that. This time, I did feel God speaking to me through the Scriptures as I was reading 1 Samuel, in the verse that says God sees our hearts, regardless of what men see.

The last couple of days I've felt God nudging me through things I've read in other places, reaffirming what I already feel to be true.

Catez wrote a lovely post about beauty that is a reminder that God sees our hearts, and Sallie wrote about cultivating contentment, which is obviously one of my favorite notions or endeavors.

I believe strongly in looking at a person's who rather than his or her what, and I believe that setting our priorities and following them are important things in life. And I believe that I work to do those things in my life.

Of course, that is just a reminder that Mike's right (I hate it when that happens). I have one standard with which I evaluate other people and another, completely different, far harsher standard by which I judge myself.

I appreciate God sending me little nudges to remind me that I need to be actively working on this self-acceptance issue of mine. I read another blog entry today that reminded me that since Eliza's birth, I have been especially grateful for my life, and I have been working to use this life for God's purposes because I fully believe He's the one who enabled my doctor to save my life. And I believe if He gave me longer in this life, I should use it well.

I suppose it could be argued (most likely by Mike and LeeAnn) that one of the best ways for me to use this life well would be to accept it for what it is and to love and accept this body the way others do. I'm working toward that.

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I'm going to have to add a book to my Amazon wishlist... "A Field Guide to Evangelicals and Their Habitat." It looks delightfully funny. I took the quiz & scored as 'backslidden.' Figures.

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Tuesday, March 28

I just finished reading an article by one of Mike's students about a man for whom I have the utmost respect. He made some comments about Christianity that I thought were insightful and that I wanted to remember.

In explaining his views on Christian education, he told the story of another man who once described Christian education as playing a football game on one's home field with the support of fans and community.

"From my point of view, my belief in Christianity does not require the home field advantage," he said. "That's not the way the world is. To prepare Christian students to go out in the world, they're not going to have the home field advantage out there...I believe Christianity can win on the visitor's court, if you will."

He quoted another gentleman - a man I knew of through his work with the local Habitat for Humanity chapter prior to his death - as saying, "There are many viewpoints on the Bible... and I will not be certain until I stand before God which ones of them are correct."

He went on to say, "That didn't mean this gentleman didn't have beliefs. What it did mean was that he was willing to allow other points of view, and he did not find it necessary to condemn those other points of view as not Christian. In other words, he could accept the fact that there were going to be a lot of people before the throne of God, not necessarily his version of people."

While I have a deep appreciation for Christian education, I also want my children to be prepared to live in this world and to be used by Christ in it. May I allow God to show me the fine line between preparing them and sheltering them. May I also express to my children that different points of view are okay.

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Monday, March 27

I've made it to 1 Samuel in my daily readings, and one verse in particular stood out to me today. I'm reading the Bible through in The Message, so the wording is very casual and understandable.

But GOD told Samuel, "Looks aren't everything. Don't be impressed with his looks and stature. I've already eliminated him. GOD judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; GOD looks into the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7
This is something I have trouble with on a consistent basis. I've found through the years that I am better able to confront the crazies in my head (as we fondly refer to my issues) if I acknowledge them to other people and ask for help.

So here I go. I have trouble remembering that God sees the heart even if men and women sometimes only see the face (or body). It isn't that I'm not accepting of other people. I like to think I am. I have friends of all shapes and sizes, and I love them not for how they look but for who they are.

Nope. It's not other people I have trouble accepting. It's me. Now, that's not entirely true. I have a strong self-esteem -- I am smart and funny and kind and generous and compassionate and independent and loving -- but my self-image isn't so swell. I know that sounds odd, but in my crazy little head there is a distinct difference between who I am and how I look. And I need to fix that disconnect in my head, if not for me then for my Eliza.

My parents are dear Christian people who did a marvelous job with me and my brother. They did, unfortunately, give me some warped perceptions of body and attractiveness. (I earned my first car in high school by losing a predetermined amount of weight.) During my high school and college years, I was comfortable with new situations because I was reasonably comfortable with my level of attractiveness.

And then I got married & had babies, and my body shape changed, and my acceptance of it bottomed out. I had a surge in self-image after Eliza was born simply because I was so grateful to still be alive. Somehow, I've lost that gratitude (not toward God but in relation to my body).

Whenever I'm tense or under a lot of stress, it is my unfortunate habit to turn that tension toward myself. I fixate on being overweight or this or that, and I tell myself that if my body were different, my life would be different. In all honesty, though, I can't come up with a list of things that would be better if my body were different. Which, of course, only reinforces Mike's theory that I should just let it go and like myself as I am.

And so here I am. I'm tired and achy (clutz that I am, I fell carrying Eliza into the daycare this morning - she's fine), and I'm ready to change the way I think. I think maybe that's why God pointed out that verse to me this evening.

My prayer is that God will change the way I think about myself and that I will allow my heart to be changed. Well, not necessarily my heart. I'd like to allow myself to see my body the way I see my heart... the way God sees me.

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Thursday, March 23

Each evening at dinner, we do best and worst... the best thing that happened & the worst thing that happened in our days. My worst has been the same each day this week, but today, my best is different. Today, I am grateful that God gave me the courage to give Mike my blessing to do what was right for him, even if it might not prove to have been right for me. And I'm pleased with myself for having done that.

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I'm a pacifist. I admit it. I'm not a fan of this war, and I don't believe it's been helpful to our country. I am, however, in favor of supporting our troops. Griff's got two friends, both of whom were without their fathers for a year while those men were serving our country. I believe in these men and women who pledge to defend and protect us.

I found My Soldier described in a magazine, and I think it's a wonderful idea to adopt a soldier and support him or her through correspondence. Clearly, I'm not adding anything to my plate before the move, but I've added this to my 101 Things list, and I'll sign up soon after we're settled this summer.

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Wednesday, March 22

And finally, the house is quiet. You know that moment when you suddenly realize that things are still and silent?

Mike's at the office again tonight (odd to think that this was the norm a year or so ago) and I haven't started the next load of laundry, and the tv is off, and the dog's asleep. Eliza finally gave up her fight against sleep, and the only sound is the falling rain. I love tender, quiet moments.

I had one of those moments the other night during my prayer time when I realized something, though the house certainly wasn't still or silent at that moment. For as long as I can remember, prayer was my main method of conversation with God, partially because my nature is relational and partly (I admit it) because I wasn't reading His word.

I've always kept a prayer calendar, and I pray for someone special on each day of the month. I realized earlier this week, though, that I'm not doing that the same as before. I'm still praying for these people, just in different times and ways. The time that I spend alone with God in the evenings has become more about the Bible, and I feel God leading me there.

I noted in my prayer journal that it is interesting to me that I feel like I'm spending less time with God because I'm not having those longer prayers that I have in the past, and yet, I feel God very close to me nonetheless. I'm not at all sure what it means, just that I find it interesting.

As always, I am humbled that God leads me where I need to be, sometimes without my even seeing Him leading at the time. I am thankful that when one aspect of my life with Him ebbs, another flows. And so it goes.

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Monday, March 20

I wrote briefly the other day about the hum of my life, the sounds that feel like home to me, that give me a sense of calm. I think we all have those sounds that are particular to our own environments, that comfort us but might disconcert others. It is those rhythms of life that give us all a sense of home.

Once the kids were in bed tonight, Mike went back to the office to put the finishing touches on his dissertation before mailing the final copy tomorrow. The antibiotics my doctor put me on last week have made me so tired, and that, combined with all that is going on with us, has left me worn out. I had thought of watching a movie tonight or doing some beading or reading a book.

Instead, I sat on the sofa in the dark for a while with an Eliza who didn't want to go to bed. And I flipped through a bead magazine when she finally fell into slumber, and I'm watching a little mindless television now... on mute (a habit of mine, friends would say). And I've listened to the sounds around me. I will get used to new sounds and new rhythms in our new home, but I don't want to forget these.

Bernie (our aging Boston Terrier) is asleep on the sofa behind me, snoring gently. I heard someone come home a bit ago at the house across the street, and I wonder why Cody hasn't been riding his skateboard lately. The cat who lives under the house with the armadillo (unusual roommates, to be sure) was meowing loudly earlier but seems to have gone out for the night.

And then, there is silence. Nothing but the hum of the laptop and the clicking of the keys. And that's all there is.

And that is enough. In these walls, I am surrounded by love. I've so wanted for someone I know to buy our house because I wanted that love to exist in this place forever. And I realize now that we infused this house with love. It is our heartbeat that I feel in the silence here.

I keep telling Griff that we'll all be okay because we'll be together. God will lead us and keep us and that is all we need. And he buys into it completely. Turns out, despite the sadness and worry and uncertainty and all, I do, too.

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For all the teachers I know and love, this story from Ethics Daily (about a woman we know) is encouraging.

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Saturday, March 18

It's early morning, and I have a few moments of quiet. Both of the kids are awake already, but they are engrossed in their own reasonably quiet activities. The hum of the washing machine and the little kid laughter on Disney give a calming rhythm to my morning.

I like these times when the house is messy but comforting, chaotic but protective. I've thought a lot this week about the things and people I will miss when we move, and it is heartbreaking in so many ways. Much like this house, our time here has been in turn, messy and comforting, chaotic and protective. We've been blessed here in this house and in this place in ways too numerous to count. I will forever to be grateful for the time we have spent here together.

Now that the realtor situation is remedied, and I've made progress with my moving to-do list (always with the lists), I'm feeling more comfortable with the move, too. I am excited about what God has planned for our lives in the months and years to come. I have felt a heaviness on my heart for some time now that maybe I've spent enough time working and living in a heavily Christian environment and that maybe I'm ready for God to put me in a different place where I can be of a different type of service to Him.

My prayer has been that God would put us where we could be of the greatest use to Him, and this move brings great anticipation of that.

In these early morning moments, I've made a few emails, checked on a few things & I'm going to call my moving activities done for the day. We're going to run fun errands later, and the biggest thing on my to-do list is going to be to play with the kids and to read a fun book. A dear friend reminded me yesterday that everything can't be about the move-work for the next few months, and she's right. So, today, we'll have some here fun.

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Friday, March 17

It's a beautiful spring day outside, and just as the sun feels warm on my face, my spirit feels lighter today. God does provide the lift I need exactly when I need it. I am so grateful.

I read Hannah's story - or the beginning of it - last night in 1 Samuel, and I am again reminded that God does answer prayers. I pray both for what I want and then that God's will be done, even if it contradicts the first part of my prayers. And I have been pleasantly surprised a number of times through this life.

Endlessly, I am grateful that God's will is so much better than mine and that He deems it appropriate to lavish His love upon us.

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Wednesday, March 15

Almost forgot... Sallie's got this week's Carnival at Two Talent Living.

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In thinking about this move and in explaining it to Griff, I told him that there would be days when he was really excited and days when he was really sad. I told him both were okay days, just representative of the different emotions in the many we'll all experience.

Today has been my frustrating day. Actually, it's been a frustrating week. It's hard trying to find a job in a town I've never been to, and it's difficult to find an employer who would hire me now only to have me not be available to work until July. I trust God has the perfect job for me. It's the my part work that's difficult.

It's frustrating trying to find a daycare for Eliza when there are so many available. And I know we need to get on waiting lists soon, but it's challenging to figure out which ones. Thankfully, my sister-in-law works in a daycare in Florida, so she's been giving me pointers.

And then there's the realtor situation. I had thought that becoming comfortable with the housing market and the outrageous amoung of money we'll have to spend to buy a house there would be the biggest hurdle for us in the housing situation. But it isn't. The realtor is. I didn't like the first one but liked the second, only to be told I couldn't use her any more and had to go with the first. But I don't feel comfortable with her, and we're talking about spending vast amoungs of money, so I think I should be comfortable. So I feel like we're floundering in this area.

And I'm worn out from it all. But still, I am encouraged that this will be a positive thing for our family. I just keep praying and keep checking in with Mike (my touchstone) and keep trusting in the One who led us this far. (I'm doing a little whining, too, but I really am trying to keep that to a minimum.)

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Tuesday, March 14

Whew. It feels like everything is moving in fast forward these days... let's see...

I applied for my first job in 14 years. I'm trusting God will provide a job that lets me earn enough to help my family but that also stimulates and engages me.
A friend told us that as we got closer to the move, we'd begin disengaging from those friends who were fun and all but not as close as really close, and I can see that happening already with me. I'm a circle the wagons kinda girl... I want Mandy and Josh at my house all the time until we leave, and it's really important to me that I spend time with a few other girlfriends, but pretty much everyone else is outside of my wagon train.

I want a Hershey bar, and I have given up popcorn because we like it with M&Ms sprinked in...oh, that's yummy. The M&Ms don't melt but they get warm and salty and smushy. Yum. Tum. As our Eliza would say. We're gonna have some candy come Easter day!

I've got this funky toe thing and a phobia of showing my toes sans fake toenails to anyone, but I've now got this really funky big toe thing going on & I think I'm going to have to show my doctor my secret toe shame. Except now it's a public toe shame, isn't it?

And I waded through Judges - a bloody book! - quickly so I could get to Ruth, an oasis of love in the midst of Old Testament ick. And then, it was only four chapters long! Four chapters. That's not enough of an interlude. But I guess with Ruth, as well as with most things these days, I'll take what I can get.

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Monday, March 13

Ever since our crazy February, things have felt like God took everything in my life in put it in this big, big blender and flipped and flopped it all up and then poured it back out all wacky-like.

There have been difficulties in our lives for more than a year now, and at more than one time I have felt like I was standing on the edge of a big black hole, grasping at whatever could hold me on solid ground. Thankfully, the things I grasp for most often are Mike, my friends, and God.

About two days after Mike accepted this new job, I felt like I fell over the edge. There is so much to do to get ready - selling our house, finding a house there, finding a job for me and schools for the kids - that I feel overwhelmed at times. I'm applying for a job today, and I'm stuck trying to write a cover letter, despite the fact (as Mike pointed out) that I've written countless covers for other people through the years.

I'm falling in this swirling vortex of trim that needs painting and daycare waiting lists and trips to see friends and new cars and...

And at some point in the fall, I caught a glimpse of something unexpected. Sunlight. Turns out, I didn't fall into a black hole of craziness. I fell into tomorrow. I fell toward the light at the end of the tunnel. I fell into hope.

And so when I feel crazy and overwhelmed (and I will because I am who I am), I am stopping and saying a little prayer, thanking God for getting us this far, thanking Him for whatever it is He has planned for us from here. In that, there is peace. There is hope.

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Saturday, March 11

I don't have any trouble giving God the big things in life... in this move. I believe completely that He will provide me with a good job, provide us with a safe, comfortable home, with good schools for both kids... and on and on.

I also believe, though, that He expects us to do our part. I can't sit here on my tush and wait for the job to find me or the house to appear. I believe we have to do our part. It's my part that gives me problems.

This weekend, I've looked around our house to try to see it through fresh eyes to see what needs to be done to get it ready to sell. I'm trying to remember what I've seen on "Sell This House." We need to get as much for the house as possible in order to make a down payment on the new house (we're experiencing a LOT of sticker shock looking at the prices of homes in Florida). And so, I've been a little freaked out.

But God sends little angels to calm me, always. My brother - an artist by nature and a banker by profession - told me yesterday not to plan to spend the money we make entirely on a down payment but rather to use a portion of it for other things (like living expenses since Mike will actually go four entire months without a payfcheck because of the way our current budget year falls and the way the new school's budget year falls). And that relieves me of some of the stress of finding a new job immediately.

And Mike said today that if we didn't get all of the things done around the house that are on my list (always with the lists), it would still be okay. We could sell the house as it is now and be fine. And that gives me such a sense of relief.

The way things are right now... that's good enough. In all honesty, when it comes to me and things I think I should do, I don't always remember that I'm good enough right now, in this moment. I'm going to try to take this process as a reminder from God that He created me and that I'm okay right now, in this moment. I am loved.

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Friday, March 10

"If you sweep a house, and tend its fires and fill its stove, and there is love in you all the years you are doing this, then you and the house are married, that house is yours." Truman Capote, "The Grass Harp"
I read that quote today at lunch in the new issue of "Real Simple" magazine, and it fills me.

I love this old house of ours, and I hate to leave it. It has come, I think, to represent the people and the life I am leaving behind. It has been shelter and warmth and joy and laughter to me, just as these dear friends have.

Each day, I draw a little closer to a new life and a little sadder about the one I leave. And yet, the peace is still very settled in my heart. I know this is the right choice.

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Thursday, March 9

Giving up candy for Lent has driven me to Girl Scout Cookies.

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Wednesday, March 8

We're settling into the feelings that go with moving, and I'm becoming more at home in this transition phase in our lives. Most of the time, I'm not overwhelmed any longer. I'm at peace with our decision.

Josh wrote a sweet post about us at his blog yesterday and warned me that it might make me cry, but it didn't. It breaks my heart that those we love are suffering because of this decision, but I know that if God has this for us, then in the end, the change will be right for them, too.

It is in the quiet times, though (the still times), that I find myself sitting with my tears (with a fulltime job, two kids, and a dog, those still times don't happen often!). A few months ago, I bought tickets for us to take Griff to see the Kennedy Center's traveling stage production of Judith Viorst's book, "Alexander, Who Will Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Move," in the hopes that it might allay some of Griff's hesitations about moving.

The play was fabulous, and Griff laughed all the way through it. I, on the other hand, cried through the whole thing, hoping Griff was having too much fun to notice (he was).

Sunday morning, we all slept late and missed Sunday School, arriving in time for worship services. Mike took Eliza to the nursery while Griff and I found seats. Friends motioned us up to sit with them, and we ended up with this sweet dating couple between me and Mike, which was fine. Until it wasn't.

Sitting in the still of our beautiful sanctuary, looking around at the place that has given me such lovely memories (we were married there... both of our children were dedicated there... Griff was baptized and Mike was ordained there), I was unexpectedly fighting tears, wishing Mike was beside me to take my hand.

Because in the end, having his hand in mine takes away my fear. My faith in God moves my steps in this new direction, trusting that He will provide. Mike's hand in mine gives me the confidence to keep going.

My prayer for those who are struggling with our leaving is that they are able to hold tight to the hands they hold and that God send them new (though certainly not better!) friends to become part of their lives. My commitment is to continuing the friendships that are so vitally important to us. I've learned through the years that distance can change friendships, but heartstrings have an amazing ability to stretch across the miles. Love is elastic.

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Blair is hosting this week's Carnival at Scribblings By Blair.

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Tuesday, March 7

Divine Straight Lines
Griffin has this folder - THE folder - from school that he carries back and forth each day. It has clearly marked pockets - one says 'Papers to Return to School' and the other says 'Papers to Stay Home.' But Griff is no respecter of the pockets, which drives me crazy.

A couple of weeks ago, I was flipping through the 40-odd papers in the one pocket, and I asked him again which of those needed to stay home and which needed to go back to school. As usual, he didn't remember and asked me why I cared.

"I would have thought that having known me the entire seven years of your life, you'd have figured this out by now," I began. "But since you haven't, I'll just tell you. I like things a certain way."

I like things a certain way. I do. If there was ever a spontaneous bone in my body, it was long ago broken and has knit back into a nice, organized bone. I don't leave town without my planner, in which I only write in pencil and on which no one else is allowed to write. I enjoy plans and lists. I like things a certain way.

Our lives haven't felt very orderly for the last year or so, though. Mike interviewed for two jobs last spring and turned down one other interview. He didn't pursue one of the two and wasn't offered the other. And I am grateful for both.

What felt so uncertain at that time - and for many months since then - now seems perfectly planned to me. We both needed those interviews to prepare for this spring, but we also needed more time here where we are.

Now that he's accepted a new job lots and lots of miles away from here, things are still uncertain. I have to find a job, and we have to find schools for both kids and a house and a church and on and on.

But I trust that while this time feels chaotic to me, it's actually very much in God's plan. I trust that He will provide because He always has.

And I'm sure that months from now, when we're in our new lives, I'll look back upon this time (just as I now look back upon last spring) and I'll see that what feels like a winding, curvy, unsteady road right now is actually a very straight line in God's plan from point A to point B.

And I will continue to be thankful that my sense of order is not God's, and I will continue to strive to align myself with His order, with His plan. And I'll remember that my vision is limited, and His is unfathomable. And I will trust in His plan.

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Sunday, March 5

February was quite a month for us. I will forever remember this as being the February that changed our lives.

Griff was baptized at the beginning of the month.

Aleece created my new Created By Chel logo, which I adore, and Josh is working on getting me a website for my jewelry.

Griff won the Most Creative award for his crazy man Valentine's Box, and Mike went on a two-day professional meeting trip.

I gave myself over to God to create me however He pleases, and I trust Him enough to be sure that whoever He wants me to be will be someone I will enjoy.
Mike was ordained as a deacon in our church, and four days later, successfully defended his dissertation.

The day after that, he was offered a new job. His 'professional meeting' interview had gone well, and the school offered him a very nice position. A few days later, he accepted the job.

This is bittersweet news for us, the culmination of years of need and an answer to prayer. It is good, very good, in so many ways. It is also very sad in many ways. We love this place and this area, and I can hardly bear the thought of not living two doors down from Mandy and Josh. (Griff was at their house the other day playing and asked Mandy if they were moving with us... they are a part of us, so he assumed they would go along, which is precious and heart-breaking all at once.)

We will be moving to Central Florida this summer. Mike will be teaching news journalism (he's thrilled to get to teach media law each year) and advising the student newspaper. I, of course, now have the stress of finding a job of my own (anyone know of a good job in Lakeland?). We also have to go about the usual things of moving... selling our house and buying another, finding schools for both the kids, along with finding doctors and a church... and on and on.

But we will be living an hour away from Mike's brother & his family, whom we all love. And we'll be an hour from the beach, and that's hard to beat.

I am saddened by this... Mandy again... and excited by it, too. Above all else, I have a peace that this is the right thing to do. This is an answered prayer. I am committed to continuing to trust that God will provide.

I very much don't want to be like the Israelites (I've finally finished Numbers! and I'm already on to Judges) who trusted God to lead them from Egypt but not to provide food in the wilderness. I trust that God provided this job for Mike - and thus an open door for us to remove ourselves from a difficult situation here - and I will trust that He will provide for all of the other things we'll need in the next four months, too.

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Friday, March 3

If I were to look for a new church, I think this is an excellent description of what I would be looking for... for all of us.

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Thursday, March 2

Ah, lazy days. The kids went back to school yesterday, but Mike and I are off all week, and we are bringing lazy to new heights. And it's been wonderful. In an ode to laziness, I'm not posting much personal stuff, and instead I'm going to link to two very different but equally wonderful posts that friends sent me this morning.

A big thanks to Aleece and Courtney for sending me to read this and this.

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Wednesday, March 1

"Lent is not something in your navel."
We saw that posted on a church marquee this weekend on our way to Arkansas to see my family. Mike and I both laughed out loud.

We're headed to church here soon for the Intergenerational Ash Wednesday service. Mike will participate in the hand washing with the deacons. I'm very proud of his service.

Each year, I give something up for Lent, and this year I'm giving up candy. I know that sounds like something a kid would do, but I do love candy.

I've got great news to share, but I need to get a few more ducks in a row before spilling the beans. I'm a duck row sorta girl.

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