Chasing Contentment

Tuesday, February 14

Ah, Valentine's Day. Mike got me lovely New Orleans-themed cards from R-Nichols, which I adore. And Griff got us all gifts, too, which is lovely.

My Griff. His second grade class made their own Valentine boxes, and they are having a competition at their party today. There will be a prize for the prettiest box, the funniest and the most creative. I'm pretty sure he's aiming for Most Creative.

His box is all black. The only illustration is of one alien giving chocolates to another alien. No writing except his name, which I insisted on adding. But it's got a trap door in the top. He's so excited. He and Mike made it this weekend after a trip to the hardware store.

Clearly, Valentine's Day is a whole different thing to a 7-year-old boy than it is to me. Happy Valentine's Day.

Update... Griff's box did, indeed, win the Most Creative Award. He was thrilled.

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