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Wednesday, January 2

As I'm starting new things in the new year, I think it's time to revisit my 1001 Things in 101 Days list. I was a little surprised when I realized that the 1001 days will end during 2008. It seemed like sooo long when I originally made the list. Now, of course, it seems like not nearly enough time.

(Originally posted Jan. 3, 2006)

Chel's 101 in 1001
1. Learn yoga.
2. Read 100 books (I'm keeping a record of the books I read with LibraryThing. In 2006, I completed 25 books, which seems like way too few, but it was a hard year for fun. 12/28/06... I completed 27 books in 2007, which, again, seems like not enough, but again, not such a fun year. 1/2/08).
3. (DONE) Learn to make an edible pot roast (I've been given several lovely recipes, and I've tried some myself with reasonable results. In the end, I did find one recipe that rises about the rest, as least for me...Hormel makes this really good roast in gravy that heats in just 7 minutes in the microwave. Perfect. 12/28/06).
4. Read the Bible through in two different translations (I've begun reading through in "The Message" already.).
5. Memorize the books of the Bible.
6. Find a new job that will better utilize my God-given talents.
7. Take a long trip (four days would feel long to us) alone with Mike to somewhere neither of us have ever been.
8. Take a family vacation somewhere that would appeal to all four of us.
9. Be able to run two miles (at one time, not as a cumulative endeavor over the 1001 days).
10. (DONE) Sell my handmade jewelry. (I sold a necklace off my neck at a birthday party last weekend... Jan. 28, 2006. I participated in an Arts Fair last fall, which was interesting if not completely successful... I've begun to see my jewelry as a creative outlet that if it sells is fine but is mostly just for me.)
11. Write at least one short story every six months ... my math is bad, but I think that would be about five stories in the 1001 days (I've done maybe two... not so swell. 1/2/08).
12. Pay off all credit card debt.
13. Accumulate savings equal to three months of our salaries.
14. Begin a college fund for Eliza.
15. (DONE) Attend Mike's doctoral graduation ceremony. (May 19, 2006)
16. Grow herbs (mine tend to die before we can cut and eat them).
17. (DONE) Create a photo wall in our house of favorite photos. (I've put all sorts of great photos in this new house, and they have really helped to make us feel at home.)
18. Frame a really great piece of art created by each of my children. (I've done one of Griff's... still need something of Eliza's.)
19. (DONE) Hold a friend's baby (In September '06, I held little Ella, and I held Olivia in January '07.).
20. (NOT SO MUCH) Keep a list of answered prayers (I started this but didn't keep up with it... it never felt quit right to have a list of tickers, as if I was keeping track of God.).
21. (DONE) Take weekend trips with girlfriends. (April '06 - Aleece in New Orleans, Memorial Day '06 - Mika & Tara, June '06 - LeeAnn)
22. Take weekend trips with my brother and his family.
23. Learn basic sign language.
24. Write greeting cards & convince Aleece to illustrate them.
25. (DONE) Buy furniture Mike doesn't put together.
26. Volunteer.
27. Create a jewelry project folder. (working on it - June '06... whenever I find pictures of jewelry I like, I put it in the folder, saving them as inspiration)
28. Grow cucumbers.
29. (DONE) Paint all the trim in the house. (April 1, 2006 - Mike actually did this so we could put the house on the market, but I'm going to count it anyway.)
30. (DONE) Spend a weekend with Mike in New Orleans. We've always had amazing visits there & I hope for a post-Katrina New Orleans that is better than ever. Maybe that will happen in less than 1001 days. (We spent the night in New Orleans the night of Mike's doctoral graduation. May '06)
31. (DONE) Have my cholesterol checked for the first time (The Red Cross here checks it for free when you donate blood. Mine was a hair high. Nov. '06. And now it's back in the normal range. 1/02/08).
32. (ONGOING...THIS SHOULD NEVER BE FINISHED, RIGHT?) Give money to charities that mean something to me. (I've already contributed to St. Jude's Childrens Research Center and the Special Olympics of Louisiana. Jan. 2006)
33. Walk with my family in the next two March of Dimes Walk America events.
34. Take Griff to art exhibits and expose him to new forms of art.
35. Take Griff to the theatre.
36. Splurge on tickets to see a really good ballet.
37. Participate in at least one book club-type group.
38. Be able to walk two miles without any breathing problems (carrying my inhaler would be perfectly acceptable).
39. (DONE) See an Astros Spring Training game with Mike. (Griff and I each saw three. Mike saw four! And we're planning for more in a couple of months.)
40. (DONE) Take Griff to see an Astros game with Mike. (April 8, 2006 - my 36th birthday ... with Mandy and Josh)
41. See a movie at The Moxie.
42. Ask a professional writer to review one or more of my short fiction pieces. (Ok, I asked earlier this month, but she declined...I'll keep trying. 4/06 I asked again & got turned down again. I'll keep trying.)
43. (DONE) Attend Griff's baptism (Feb. 5, 2006).
44. (DONE)Share Christ with an unbeliever. (God's put me in a position in this new job where I have lots - far more than I ever would have expected - of opportunities to talk about Him.)
45. (NOT SO MUCH) Read Mike's dissertation. (Ok, let's face it. I'm never going to do this. No sense pretending. 12/28/06)
46. Adopt a soldier.
47. Find a church that ministers to each of us, that will encourage each of us to grow in our faith.
48. (DONE) Buy a house & create an environment in which my family can feel at home quickly (June 06 - moved in... still working on the homey feel).
49. Begin a travel fund to use to fly back to La. to see friends.
50. (DONE) Plant sunflowers. (Eliza actually planted them, so we'll see if they grow. Update... they didn't grow. We'll try again.)
51. (DONE) Buy Eliza a tricycle.(Her Grannie D and Pawpaw Jerry gave her one this spring. '06)
52. Find a new favorite pizza place.
53. Forgive myself.
54. Embrace my body for what it is and for the wonder that God gave it.
55. (DONE) Buy a piece of art from my artist friend, Kate, to hang in our new house. (June 12... Kate sketched a very special piece for me, and I will treasure it forever.)
56. (DONE) Potty train Eliza (woohoo! We're there! 12/06).
57. (DONE)Buy Eliza a 'big girl bed' and redecorate her room. (She loves her new big girl bed.)
58. Inquire about selling my jewelry in specialty shops.
59. Promote the website with my jewelry.
60. Read the 'Chronicles of Narnia' books to Griff.
61. Finish reading the first 'Harry Potter' book to Griff.
62. (DONE) Take Eliza to see a live-action theatre production - Dora, Disney or the like (Stacy and I took Eliza and Hannah to see Care Bears Live back in July).
63. (DONE) Have Griff tested again for eggs. And again each year until he isn't allergic or they determine he always will be. (He's not allergic any longer! Woohoo!)
64. (DONE) Get a sitter and go eat crawfish with Mike before we move. (Done!)
65. Make a special piece of jewelry for my mom.
66. Watch 'Band of Brothers' with Mike.
67. (DONE) Take the kids to SeaWorld (We went a few weeks ago, thanks to a generous gift from my sister-in-law's mother 12/06).
68. (DONE) Get a library card. (I love, love, love our library here!
69. (DONE) Hang my Gran's stained glass pieces (We've hung all three & they make me smile. 12/06).
70. Celebrate little events.
71. (DONE) Give Griff a great birthday party here before we leave. (June 9/10, 2006 - We took Griff and his friend, Will, out of town for an overnight trip as his party.)
72. Take a beading class.
73. Listen to friends.
74. Enroll Eliza in a dance class.
75. Encourage Griff to find something he enjoys doing - other than video games. (We've tried Cub Scouts & are now moving on to tennis.)
76. (DONE) Put Mike's Astros baseball cards in a binder. Or several binders. (June '06 - He did this himself.)
77. (DONE) Send Christmas cards. (I made my own scrapbook-y cards this year. 1/2/08)
78. (NOT SO MUCH) Keep a gratitude record during my 36th year. (I need to buy a pretty binder this weekend & start doing this.)
79. Say Thank You often.
80. (DONE) Read the last 'Harry Potter' book... I'm already anxious for it. (Loved it!)
81. (DONE...SORTA) Add 20 new recipies to my rotation. (We're now addicted to My Girlfriend's Kitchen, so that counts.)
82. Practice the 3Rs (thanks to Jack Johnson)... reduce, reuse, recycle.
83. Finish reading "The Great Deluge" even though it's difficult to read.
84. Make a new friend.
85. (DONE) Lower my cholesterol to a reasonable level. (I'm working on it. I lowered it 15 points & I'll have it checked again this week when I give blood. Update... within an accepable level. 1/2/08)
86. Take the kids to the drive-in theatre. (Mike and Griff have been, but Eliza and I haven't.)
87. Clean and decorate the back porch.
88. (DONE) Landscape the yard.
89. (DONE) Have professional portraits taken of the kids. (Who knew the pro would be Mike?)
90. (DONE!) Paint the inside of the house in Chel colors.
91. Become proficient in my new job... earn a promotion.
92. (DONE) Find a new favorite date-night dessert spot with Mike. (I've found lots actually.)
93. Send flowers to friends when there is no occasion but a genuine affection.
94. (SHEESH) Receive one small blue box. (What was I thinking? I can't put something on my list for someone else to do. Ugh... Chel.)
95. Send more thank-you notes.
96. Attend local festivals. (We went to this fabulous arts fair on Mother's Day & I am delighted with the local opportunities around here.)
97. Make handmade cards.
98. Have guests for dinner.
99. Finish an important scrapbook.
100. Have the blog redesigned if I choose to continue with it.
101. Tell people how much they mean to me.

[  posted by Chel on Wednesday, January 02, 2008  ]


Great job on all your (DONE) things! Can we be your guests for dinner? Have missed you. Hope you are okay.

By Blogger it's me, Val, at 6:26 PM  

You have not given yourself enough credit! Some of those should be marked--like 79 (you are so good at saying thank you!), and 54 (you have come a long way! You know what a wonder your body truly was carrying both Griff and Eliza and making it through labor and delivery! That is a miracle right there we are all grateful for!)
Your accomplishments are amazing and your should be proud! Never stop having this list. It shows how much you have to be proud of--not how much you still have to do!

By Anonymous Lee Ann, at 9:32 AM  

LeeAnn, you're so sweet. You're right, of course, about the Thank Yous. I try really hard to be very grateful and to express that gratitude.

Now the body image thing... I'm still working on that. And I appreciate your help.

By Blogger Chel, at 4:20 PM  

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