Chasing Contentment

Sunday, March 5

February was quite a month for us. I will forever remember this as being the February that changed our lives.

Griff was baptized at the beginning of the month.

Aleece created my new Created By Chel logo, which I adore, and Josh is working on getting me a website for my jewelry.

Griff won the Most Creative award for his crazy man Valentine's Box, and Mike went on a two-day professional meeting trip.

I gave myself over to God to create me however He pleases, and I trust Him enough to be sure that whoever He wants me to be will be someone I will enjoy.
Mike was ordained as a deacon in our church, and four days later, successfully defended his dissertation.

The day after that, he was offered a new job. His 'professional meeting' interview had gone well, and the school offered him a very nice position. A few days later, he accepted the job.

This is bittersweet news for us, the culmination of years of need and an answer to prayer. It is good, very good, in so many ways. It is also very sad in many ways. We love this place and this area, and I can hardly bear the thought of not living two doors down from Mandy and Josh. (Griff was at their house the other day playing and asked Mandy if they were moving with us... they are a part of us, so he assumed they would go along, which is precious and heart-breaking all at once.)

We will be moving to Central Florida this summer. Mike will be teaching news journalism (he's thrilled to get to teach media law each year) and advising the student newspaper. I, of course, now have the stress of finding a job of my own (anyone know of a good job in Lakeland?). We also have to go about the usual things of moving... selling our house and buying another, finding schools for both the kids, along with finding doctors and a church... and on and on.

But we will be living an hour away from Mike's brother & his family, whom we all love. And we'll be an hour from the beach, and that's hard to beat.

I am saddened by this... Mandy again... and excited by it, too. Above all else, I have a peace that this is the right thing to do. This is an answered prayer. I am committed to continuing to trust that God will provide.

I very much don't want to be like the Israelites (I've finally finished Numbers! and I'm already on to Judges) who trusted God to lead them from Egypt but not to provide food in the wilderness. I trust that God provided this job for Mike - and thus an open door for us to remove ourselves from a difficult situation here - and I will trust that He will provide for all of the other things we'll need in the next four months, too.

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I love Judges--it's my favorite book of the Bible as far as stories go. They can be a little gruesome, but I never fall asleep reading Judges. Enjoy.

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