Chasing Contentment

Monday, March 13

Ever since our crazy February, things have felt like God took everything in my life in put it in this big, big blender and flipped and flopped it all up and then poured it back out all wacky-like.

There have been difficulties in our lives for more than a year now, and at more than one time I have felt like I was standing on the edge of a big black hole, grasping at whatever could hold me on solid ground. Thankfully, the things I grasp for most often are Mike, my friends, and God.

About two days after Mike accepted this new job, I felt like I fell over the edge. There is so much to do to get ready - selling our house, finding a house there, finding a job for me and schools for the kids - that I feel overwhelmed at times. I'm applying for a job today, and I'm stuck trying to write a cover letter, despite the fact (as Mike pointed out) that I've written countless covers for other people through the years.

I'm falling in this swirling vortex of trim that needs painting and daycare waiting lists and trips to see friends and new cars and...

And at some point in the fall, I caught a glimpse of something unexpected. Sunlight. Turns out, I didn't fall into a black hole of craziness. I fell into tomorrow. I fell toward the light at the end of the tunnel. I fell into hope.

And so when I feel crazy and overwhelmed (and I will because I am who I am), I am stopping and saying a little prayer, thanking God for getting us this far, thanking Him for whatever it is He has planned for us from here. In that, there is peace. There is hope.

[  posted by Chel on Monday, March 13, 2006  ]


Sounds your world is upside down. Mine is too at the moment. Crazy ain't it?

By Blogger The Pastor, at 7:30 PM  

that is a great way to look at it. the vortex falling into tomorrow.

i love you. we'll get through the crazy together.

By Blogger geauxstros, at 10:47 AM  

Very cool illustration for those feelings, Chel. And I can tell you from recently on the other side of the vortex, things do settle into normal again. I'm so glad you're finding hope and peace in the transition.


By Anonymous crickl's nest, at 4:02 PM  

Vivid description! It sounds like your life is a wonderful, crazy one, and I pray God blesses you - in and out of the vortex. :)


By Blogger Donna J. Shepherd, at 6:50 PM  

I hope all goes well with selling your house and new move. May God bless your path as He leads you in a new direction!

By Blogger Heather Ivester, at 5:33 AM  

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