Chasing Contentment

Wednesday, March 15

In thinking about this move and in explaining it to Griff, I told him that there would be days when he was really excited and days when he was really sad. I told him both were okay days, just representative of the different emotions in the many we'll all experience.

Today has been my frustrating day. Actually, it's been a frustrating week. It's hard trying to find a job in a town I've never been to, and it's difficult to find an employer who would hire me now only to have me not be available to work until July. I trust God has the perfect job for me. It's the my part work that's difficult.

It's frustrating trying to find a daycare for Eliza when there are so many available. And I know we need to get on waiting lists soon, but it's challenging to figure out which ones. Thankfully, my sister-in-law works in a daycare in Florida, so she's been giving me pointers.

And then there's the realtor situation. I had thought that becoming comfortable with the housing market and the outrageous amoung of money we'll have to spend to buy a house there would be the biggest hurdle for us in the housing situation. But it isn't. The realtor is. I didn't like the first one but liked the second, only to be told I couldn't use her any more and had to go with the first. But I don't feel comfortable with her, and we're talking about spending vast amoungs of money, so I think I should be comfortable. So I feel like we're floundering in this area.

And I'm worn out from it all. But still, I am encouraged that this will be a positive thing for our family. I just keep praying and keep checking in with Mike (my touchstone) and keep trusting in the One who led us this far. (I'm doing a little whining, too, but I really am trying to keep that to a minimum.)

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