Chasing Contentment

Friday, March 31

This afternoon, I placed a classified ad with our local newspaper in an effort to sell our house. It'll begin running on Sunday, so I suppose this is official. It's a little daunting, this selling and buying of houses. But I trust that God's got a family in mind for our house and a house in mind for our family.

[  posted by Chel on Friday, March 31, 2006  ]


Kind of makes it seem more real, huh.

when I sold the house that my husband and I had lived in for 12 years, it didn't seem real until the first prospective buyer went through. Even signing the "intent to sell" papers didn't seem quite real.

By Blogger Ellen, at 8:52 AM  

I have never bought a house and may hve to soon. I think I shall hide behind my brother whose done it twice.

By Blogger The Pastor, at 11:19 AM  

I was married for 23 years and I managed to sell (and buy) my new house on my own. It's not so bad.

The hardest part was deciding what got tossed and what came with me (the old house was over 3,000 sq.ft, the new one is 1,600).

By Blogger Ellen, at 12:51 PM  

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