Chasing Contentment

Saturday, March 11

I don't have any trouble giving God the big things in life... in this move. I believe completely that He will provide me with a good job, provide us with a safe, comfortable home, with good schools for both kids... and on and on.

I also believe, though, that He expects us to do our part. I can't sit here on my tush and wait for the job to find me or the house to appear. I believe we have to do our part. It's my part that gives me problems.

This weekend, I've looked around our house to try to see it through fresh eyes to see what needs to be done to get it ready to sell. I'm trying to remember what I've seen on "Sell This House." We need to get as much for the house as possible in order to make a down payment on the new house (we're experiencing a LOT of sticker shock looking at the prices of homes in Florida). And so, I've been a little freaked out.

But God sends little angels to calm me, always. My brother - an artist by nature and a banker by profession - told me yesterday not to plan to spend the money we make entirely on a down payment but rather to use a portion of it for other things (like living expenses since Mike will actually go four entire months without a payfcheck because of the way our current budget year falls and the way the new school's budget year falls). And that relieves me of some of the stress of finding a new job immediately.

And Mike said today that if we didn't get all of the things done around the house that are on my list (always with the lists), it would still be okay. We could sell the house as it is now and be fine. And that gives me such a sense of relief.

The way things are right now... that's good enough. In all honesty, when it comes to me and things I think I should do, I don't always remember that I'm good enough right now, in this moment. I'm going to try to take this process as a reminder from God that He created me and that I'm okay right now, in this moment. I am loved.

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