Chasing Contentment

Monday, August 2

Griff is beginning to ask good, thoughtful questions about faith, about God. We've always been very up-front about our faith, and he's always has a general awareness of our belief in God and in Jesus. He's recently seen several children baptized in our church, and he's asking questions about that process and about how people get to that point. I am thrilled and humbled by this whole matter.

I believe with great conviction that these children are not mine, but rather, God's, merely on loan to me. It strikes me flat to consider that God trusted me and Mike enough to give us these precious little souls to rear and protect and prepare. I know that God can touch their hearts without any intervention on our parts, and I am honored that He chooses to allow us to be a part of this journey.

We watch a lot of Spiderman in our house, and I keep thinking of Uncle Ben's infamous line, "With great power comes great responsibility." I cannot imagine a greater responsibility than shepherding a child's spiritual life. Personally, I'm quite sure I'm not up to the challenge, and thus, I am again grateful that the Lord always prepares and equips us for what He asks of us.

May God guide Mike and I as we guide Griff and Eliza.

[  posted by Chel on Monday, August 02, 2004  ]


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