Chasing Contentment

Thursday, August 5

We have this old, rectangular house with twenty-odd windows, so even in the nighttime, it's flooded with light. The house is situated on this big corner lot, surrounded by trees, so if the streetlights do go out, the lot and the house both because pitch black. And I hate that feeling of being without power, of being completely in the dark. Mike, blessedly, knows how I feel about it and is always close by when the power goes out. He always holds my hand for a moment or two before heading off in search of the flashlight Griff has inevitably taken and misplaced.

I am grateful that Mike's always there in those moments when I'm most afraid. I'm amazed that God knows each of us so well that He knows the person who would best compliment us and best support and encourage us along the path of our life. I am grateful, too, for the knowledge that God is better than the streetlights flooding our home with light because His light will never shut down from a storm or too much heat. His light will fill the blackness of our nights on and on and on. And I can never be worthy of that, and yet, He gives it anyway. I am humbled by that thought.

[  posted by Chel on Thursday, August 05, 2004  ]


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