Chasing Contentment

Tuesday, September 28

Today is Mike's birthday, and that's reason enough for me to be thankful. How blessed am I that, long ago, God knew I would need a Mike, knew that these precious children needed such a wonderful father. Since most days, I think he's a moron about half the time (sometimes only a third of the time!), I thought today I'd make a list of the things I love most about him. I'll do 33 of them in honor of this special day.

1. His faith.
2. His unending optimism, even if it does annoy me at times.
3. How he plays with Griff.
4. How tender he is with Eliza.
5. His intelligence.
6. The sight of him holding Eliza in the NICU.
7. His love of war movies where everyone dies.
8. His laugh.
9. That he doesn't mind if I buy lots of shoes.
10. His commitment to our family.
11. His friendship with his brother.
12. The way he insinctively knows when to hold me and when to let me walk away.
13. His obsession with the Astros.
14. How he makes me laugh.
15. How sexy he looks driving that old truck.
16. His firm belief that everything will work out fine if everyone will just fall in line.
17. The way he holds me every night while I go to sleep to help scare away the monsters in my head.
18. His love for the news.
19. What a good teacher he is.
20. How he still thinks like a journalist.
21. How sexy he looks after a round of golf.
22. His golfing friendship with a former student.
23. How proud he is of Griff and Eliza.
24. His hand in mine.
25. His willingness to watch chick flicks... and the reason behind his willingness.
26. His obsession with good ribs.
27. His never-ending belief that this could be the season they go all the way.
28. The inside jokes only the two of us know.
29. The sight of him playing GameCube with Griff.
30. The way he thinks about everything so analytically.
31. Him leaning toward me ever so slightly when he didn't hear what someone else said.
32. That the dog hates him, but he takes her out every night anyway because he knows I don't like to go out that late alone.
33. How he loves me.

I could not have dreamed a better husband if I had tried. I am honored that he chose me, that he actively chooses me each and every day. I am so in love with him.

[  posted by Chel on Tuesday, September 28, 2004  ]


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