Chasing Contentment

Thursday, May 12

Eggs and peanuts. Words that three years ago struck panic in Mike and me. Words that today delighted us both. Eliza is allergic to eggs and peanuts. Because Griff's allergic to them, too, (amongst other things!) we are already accustomed to dealing with those things. We know how to prevent reactions and we know how to treat them when our preventative measures fail. I suppose there have never been two parents more excited to hear of egg and peanut allergies.

Now, I hate it that my genes supplied these allergies. I don't have any food allergies myself, but my list of drug allergies is lengthy. My aunt and my grandfather both have severe drug allergies, as well. One of the things I remember about my Bud is the medic alert bracelet he always wore. I'll be buying one for Griff here soon and a medic alert card for Eliza. Not so much what I would have liked for them to get from me and mine, but it's what is, and so we move forward from here.

I regret that my children will never know the yummy goodness of creamy peanut butter slathered together with grape jelly on warm, toasted bread. I regret that they cannot have birthday cake at parties. I regret that they cannot have a really amazing brownie or donut. I regret that they won't know the feel of a handful of salty peanuts chased with an ice cold Coke.

But there are so many other amazing things they can enjoy, and their lives will be just as rich without these foods. We'll just have to extend our being careful mode to Eliza (who has undoubtedly already benefitted from our caution with Griff), and we'll continue to train those who care for them to know what to do in case of an emergency.

Eggs and peanuts. Beautiful words today.

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