Chasing Contentment

Tuesday, May 17

Mike and I watched the series finale of "Everybody Loves Raymond" last night, and I began to think about other finales we've seen together, about how periods of my life can be highlighted by what I was watching on television and who I was with at the time.

I remember aching to watch "Love Boat" as a child and being told that I couldn't because of the 'adult content.' I was too naive to understand at the time what 'adult content' was. I just loved the romantic premise.

My brother cut his television teeth on the "Star Wars" movies and on the "Dukes of Hazzard," the first season of which we now own on DVD. Griff didn't find them nearly as funny as Mike and I did when we had a DOH weekend and made him watch all of the first season. Kids shows have evolved too much for him to think a car jumping a pond was funny. Too bad for him, I think.

Mike laughs that I watched but didn't understand "Miami Vice" in high school. I was easily swayed by popular opinion at that point in my life.

My college roommate, MD, and I taped and watched the soaps, and we loved "Life Goes On" but eventually had to quit watching together as we preferred different boys, competing for the heart of one girl.

Mike and I watched the finale of "Cheers" together in our apartment on Dawn Drive. We've said goodbye to "Seinfeld" and now "Raymond" in our tiny little old, perfect house. There's something wonderful about laughing and crying with a person, about sharing moments together.

I think I could do a timeline of my spiritual life in similar fashion... I naively accepted whatever my parents or pastor said when I was a child and teenager. I blossomed into a more mature self during college and discovered that people can disagree about things and still remain close.

And Mike has taught me that my own relationship with Christ is the most important thing. He's shown me how an independent spirit can be a freeing thing when thinking and feeling about Christianity.

I'm thankful he's walking this path with me because when I sometimes still hear that scared, unsure little girl's voice in the back of my head, he's always there to remind me of the stronger woman who's replaced her. He's always there reminding me that the love I have for Christ is usually enough.

[  posted by Chel on Tuesday, May 17, 2005  ]


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