Chasing Contentment

Monday, May 16

Mike and I went to lunch together today, just running errands and such, but it was what I needed. I needed to hear his frustrations and his discouragment, and I needed to share mine. I needed the sunshine and the big Sonic drink. I needed to be reminded that the areas of my life in which I feel the greatest discouragement are isolated areas. The area where I feel the disappointment is one in which I need to change my outlook, to alter my perceptions. But, in the end, I was reminded that there are so many other areas of our lives that are amazing and good. Those are the things I need to focus on in order to allay my discouragement and disappointment.

Mike and I had the opportunity earlier this year to change some things in our lives, and we chose not to pursue those particular paths. Some things along those paths would have been better, yes, but at a price we weren't willing to pay. There are things and people in this life we lead that enrich us and bless us and touch us in ways that those other paths wouldn't have allowed. And those are the things - people, mostly! - that will sustain us through these difficult times. And I am deeply and humbly grateful for them.

[  posted by Chel on Monday, May 16, 2005  ]


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