Chasing Contentment

Wednesday, June 15

As Mike and I rear Griff and Eliza, I think that by giving them a contented homelife we are giving them the ability to trust. And if we build that ability into them when they are young, maybe they will better be able to both trust and to discern who is trustworthy when they are older.

I have a dear friend who sometimes confesses to not trusting many people or even sometimes, herself. Her childhood didn't give her many reasons to trust. Mike and I were both blessed to have homes in which we were loved and protected and encouraged. Trust comes easily to us, and that is my goal for our children.

Sometimes when Griff asks me to promise something, and I say 'no,' I have to explain that I won't promise something I'm not sure I can fulfill. I tell him I'll make every effort but that I won't promise. I only promise him the things I am sure of, and that way, I can keep my promises to him.

We promise him (and his sister, though she's too young to know yet) that we will always love him no matter what (I love the "No Matter What" book by Debi Gliori - we read it together often). We promise him that we will stay together forever because we are married and we promised God that we'd stay together.

It's important that he see us making the effort to keep our promises, but it is also important for us to apologize to him when we miss the mark. Humility is something motherhood has taught me well.

I hope that by watching our interactions with friends and co-workers, they will learn to trust easily but not unwisely. I hope they both see that Mike and I believe in ourselves because God created us, and thus, we are special and unique and loved. I hope they learn to treat others with kindness because they are treated kindly at home. I hope they always feel safe in our home, comforted. One of my greatest hopes is that by growing up with our unwavering love, they will better understand and accept God's unconditional love, the very model by which we learn how to love.

[  posted by Chel on Wednesday, June 15, 2005  ]


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