Chasing Contentment

Monday, June 6

God's timing is perfect. I know that, but sometimes it's wonderful to get reminders of that.

We had this wonderful week last week with Mike's brother and his family (all of the kids got along, Eliza did amazingly well to have been in so many new situations, and the grown-ups got good conversation time), and so I went back to work with renewed optimism this morning, something we could all use. The timing of the trip was just perfect to give me the boost I needed to keep doing the right thing.

My friend, LeeAnn, has been my friend for more than half my life now, and we share one another's joys and sorrows. She gave birth last week to the perfect baby girl doctors said she probably couldn't have. She and her husband gave up the fertility treatments and left the size of their family to the Lord, and they were blessed for their faith with this little red-headed angel. It was in His time.

Griff was so worried about my friend, Mika, and her MS, and I have good news to tell him this evening. Her last MRI showed no progression of the disease since the last MRI in 2003. Now that's good news!!

I got a call this morning from a boy I knew in college who I had real feelings for but a superficial, on-again, off-again, not-really-dating sort of relationship with for years. And it was strange and nice all at the same time. He's grown up now and has a family of his own, as I do. And he sounds happy, which is always good to hear. But the best thing about that call was that it reminded me all over again of how perfect God's timing is. He didn't allow that relationship to deepen at the time because He knew He had someone so much better for me if I would just wait. Mike is so perfect for me, and I'd have missed him if I hadn't paid attention to God, if I hadn't believed that He knew best. How gracious is His timing!

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