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Wednesday, June 29

I admit it. I love television. I think cable is a basic utility like electricity and water. I love television like I love Hot Tamales. People might say one rots my brain while the other rots my teeth. I would respond to that by saying that I do other things to stimulate my mind, and I have a good dentist.

A while back (May 20 to be exact), I did this whole rant on why I don't think cable should be censored because it's my responsibility to monitor what my kids watch, and I don't want someone else doing that for me.

This summer, I've made Griff watch ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" with me each Wednesday evening. Initially, he didn't like it at all because it was too girly, and he's at an age when girly is bad. But I stuck with it and made him watch that first night, working from the theory that it's good for him to be exposed to things other than Jimmy Neutron.

And a funny thing happened... he got hooked. He wanted the boxer to win, and he got voted off the show. He wanted the model to win, and she got voted off the show. But still, he wants to watch each week, and we sit together on the sofa for an hour. And that's precious time to me.

Now, we also sit together and read books and talk and play board games sometimes. But this has been a summer of lightness and fun, and this has been such a delight to be able to share this silly television show with him, to banter about who did well and who wore blue (his favorite color & more important to him that actual dancing ability) and who might win. He's growing up so quickly, and silly summer nights on the sofa are valuable indeed.

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Chel, you got to get Griff watching another reality show -- dancing :) Just kidding. We think it is great.

Love Mandy and Joshua

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