Chasing Contentment

Monday, June 27

I love that I have friends of all different types. I have this one friend who is only a casual friend, but we are bonded by our hatred of extended session at church. (For the unaware, extended session is the program in which parents serve once a quarter in the nursery during 'big church.' We hate extended session, and since our names are on the same rotation, we call and gripe about it each quarter when our names come up on the list.

Truth be told, I'm not very good with other people's children. And so, extended session is a bit like torture. Not only do I manage to get all of us dressed and ready to go to church, but then I have the double whammy of not getting to be in the services and hear the sermon but I have to be with other people's children (not necessarily a nice truth about me but a truth nonetheless).

So today when she and I had our quarterly grip, I told her that I'd outlined a new plan for how extended session could work, and she offered to take it to the ministers at church. So I offered to write it up all formal-like and send it to her, which I just did.

And I'm delighted. Now, we're in an old church which has some old ways about it, so I'm not sure this new plan of mine will fly, but I feel empowered by the simple act of having tried to do something about it. So very often, it's the simple act of taking a step - even a very small step - toward positive change that is important.

[  posted by Chel on Monday, June 27, 2005  ]


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