Chasing Contentment

Thursday, June 16

Tomorrow, our Griff will become a seven-year-old. It's hard to imagine that he's been alive for seven whole years now! He's this amazing mix of little boy and old man. I've always said he was a bit of an old man in a little boy's body. He's very sensitive and in-tune with other people's feelings and needs, and he's happiest when all of his family is crammed up in our little house together.

Last night, we were talking about what he wanted for his birthday dinner (take-out pizza so we can stay home) and dessert (Skittles). He came into the room a little later and told me that he didn't really want anything for his birthday. Of course I asked why not. He responded that he already has everything he needs - shelter, food, and water (I think they must have covered some of this in VBS last week as I also think people need cable and a good newspaper.)

In another conversation we had, he told me that all he wants is to turn a year older, which I assured him was going to happen. He's at that age when being older is so much cooler than whatever age he is already. But then he also said that he wants three things... 1) to 'lay off the sugar' (I swear, he really said that!) 2) to be kind to others and 3) to 'know himself better.' Now, the third one makes it clear that he got something other than the allergies from me as his daddy's proud of his own shallow self-knowledge.

But it was such a blessing for me to hear Griff tell me in different ways that he's happy with his little life, with his family, with his childhood. Now, he's probably not too happy to be helping Mike wash and wax the truck this morning, but in general, he's content with who he is at this moment in time. And that is one of my goals for both of my children - to find contentment.

What a great last day to be six!

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Griff is such a little man and you should be darn proud of him. He makes all of our lives brighter as does Eliza, you and Mike.


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