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Friday, June 17

Well, it's a big day in our house for lots of reasons. Mostly, of course, because Griffin is now seven. I love birthdays - any birthdays. I love that we all get a day set aside each year to celebrate life. Griff started his day with one small, fun gift, and I got up early enough to make pancakes (with fresh strawberry sauce) for my boys for breakfast (Griff's request, of course).

Griff is this great kid, and I am delighted by him and thankful for him. He is named in memory of my uncle who died of cancer when I was in high school. My Uncle Bobby was the funniest guy I had ever known. He had this quirky sense of humor that I like to think God infused Griff with a little bit of in order to carry on Bobby's memory. (Bobby's humor was a good balance to my father's seriousness. I think my dad lost some of that sense of fun when he lost his brother.)

Another big thing... Marla Swoffer has this wonderful blog in which she and her readers discuss a myriad of topics. She and Bonnie at Off the Top worked together to establish a team blog for women bloggers that will be similar to The Thinklings.

It will be called Intellectuelle, and it will be hosted at The Evangelical Outpost. Marla asked me to be one of a panel of judges for the entries, a request which both surprised and delighted me. I am honored to have been selected, and I've enjoyed working through the entries, asking that God use me in this process. Marla's going to announce the winners of the Intellectuelle contest next week, and I look forward to reading the thoughts of these women. Clearly, God is using this as a way to reach His people.

Seems like all of our big days - like all of our lives, I suppose - are a mix of good and bad, fun and not. My not for today is my first-ever mamagram. I thought about arguing with my doctor, insisting on waiting another year. But when a doctor saves my life - as Dr. A most certainly did with me and Eliza - I pretty much at that point agree to agree with most everything he suggests. And so I'll go today and get it over with... a grown-up rite of passage.

Happy birthday, my Griffin Robert. God makes me better every day through you.

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