Chasing Contentment

Friday, June 24

We're on vacation today! This isn't a long vacation like the visit to see Mike's brother and his family, but this is our annual summer weekend trip with my brother and his family (they'll bring Griff with them since he's been with my parents this week). And I'm very much looking forward to it. I've already had things annoy me this morning, so I'm glad we'll get some fun time to look forward to today.

Times with John, Nicole and Zachary are slow and easy. We'll take the kids all to the zoo and a few fun places, but we'll also spend time with the grownups chatting (and taking turns chasing Eliza) while the kids swim in the pool. I am so delighted that we have this time together!

Neither of my parents have really good relationships with their siblings (I think my dad and my Uncle Bobby were close, and I think my dad lost a real sense of fun when Bobby died. Our Griff gets his middle name from my favorite uncle - Bobby.), and so that is important to Mike and me both. We work to keep a sense of connectedness with our brothers even though we don't live in the same state with either of them. We want our children to see that this closeness is not only possible but that it can be a real source of strength in times of need. And we want them to grow up comfortable and happy with their cousins despite the distance between them.

And now I must go and pack us up. Yay, vacation!

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