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Friday, July 1

As part of my job, I write citiations honoring individuals receiving this or that distinguished award. They're flattering, listing accomplishments, family, and such. They're a bit like writing obits, except happy not sad.

As I write them, I often think about how I would want my life citation to read. I've come up with two scenarios, and I can't quite decide between them. I know that I wouldn't want a listing taken from my vita. I wouldn't want quotes from my high school yearbooks. I would want a simple listing, either of the people that I love and have loved or of the people who love me (I'm quite sure that would be two different lists, thankfully with some overlapping.). For me, it's not about my career or accomplishments but about the lives and hearts that I touch along my life journey.

My brother, John, and I were talking about funerals when our grandfather died. My mother and her siblings decided not to have a funeral or memorial service for Bud, and that was fine for them, but it was hard for John and me. We needed and wanted a tangible way to say goodbye to him. As we talked about that, we talked about what we would want for our own funerals. I had already decided (back when I nearly died having Eliza, but Mike wasn't ready for me to talk funerals at that point, so I first shared this with John).

I want a nice, dignified memorial service in our church (wherever that may be at the time) in which a minister will share about how life is about more than breath and that God is the only life that matters. After which, I want those who love me dearest to go to a really good Mexican restaurant (my very favorite food) and eat and drink good margaritas and tell funny stories about the things they loved about me. If they tell ugly stories, Mike can make them buy their own dinner.

John and I had the most wonderful time talking about Bud and sharing those things that we remembered and loved and that made us laugh. And I can't imagine a better legacy than that I gave people moments that remained in their hearts and made them smile, made them better, made them laugh.

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Your funeral talk always wigs me out (I am like Mike in that way) but what you wrote is beautiful and a true window into your wonderful and loving soul.

Love Mandy

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