Chasing Contentment

Saturday, July 9

Forgiveness is hard. Forgiving other people who have wronged me is crushingly difficult at times. Forgiving myself, though, seems even more impossible. When I face the task of forgiving myself for something - after I've already asked for and received God's forgiveness - I find myself most humbled by God's forgiveness of all of my sins.

Mike and I fought last night - a rare thing for us - about something stupid that I said (always that I said), and I feel guilty about it today. Mike, of course, is way past it. His forgiveness of me is quick and easy, while mine is slow and painful.

Years and years ago, I had to learn my first lesson in grown-up forgiveness. I had to figure out that sometimes I have to forgive someone in my heart even if they don't ask for my forgiveness... or even if they feel as if they've done nothing for which they need forgiveness. The forgiveness is always more about me than about the person who I feel wronged me in some way. It's a lesson I keep learning over and over as I get older.

And each time I learn a new lesson in forgiveness, I am brought to my knees by the power of the forgiveness of Christ. My sins cost Him such a terrible price, and yet, He forgives me for numbers of sins - both big and little - each day. And he does it quickly and easily, like my dear Mike. I'm thankful for God's constant love and forgiveness. And in my humility, I am thankful for Mike for teaching me so many things in this life.

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