Chasing Contentment

Wednesday, July 27

I keep a prayer journal in which I write down my prayers both for myself and for those around me. As I was writing the other day, I began to wonder whether or not it was something I wanted to continue.

At times, it seems wasteful to fill these papers unnecessarily (I've become more aware of my own environmental good & bad since Griff informed me that paper plates were bad for the environment.).

Much like the old journals of my youth sitting untouched in my hope chest, I don't reread these prayer journals very often, so their purpose is somewhat temporary.

The benefit of these journals, through the years, has been to focus my prayers so that I could get past the generic 'bless so and so' or 'help her' or whatnot. Writing my prayers helps me to move into more specific prayers.

I prayed for months and months for LeeAnn that she would either be given the baby she wanted to badly or that God would remove her desire for another child. I prayed this for her without telling her because I knew she was too frustrated and disappointed to pray that herself.

I'm now praying for another couple and another child. It's good to be able to look back in my journals and see examples of answered prayers - like LeeAnn's infant daughter, Emma.

On my Day-Timer (which goes everywhere with me) I go through and write one name a day for the entire month, and each day, I pray for that person and issues in his or her life.

Tara and I talked about standing in the gap, and I know how important it is to be able to do that for the people I love and to have people in my life who will pray with me and for me, especially when I don't feel able myself.

I've decided to keep doing the prayer journals because they do provide such a concrete way for me to direct my prayers. I'm not sure it's the perfect fit for me right now, but until I find a better solution, I'm going to keep at it with this.

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