Chasing Contentment

Saturday, July 2

I like to start new things at beginnings of other things. First of the year, first of the month, first of the week, first of something. I like clean starts. And so, for the first of July, I'm beginning a new prayer/Bible reading time. For something that's called a 'daily devotional,' I'm not very good at doing it daily.

And so, my goal for July is to read a passage each day and to pray for the specific person on my prayer list for that day. I've put a different person's name on each day of the month in my planner, and I'm committed to doing this. I'm hoping that if I carve out time to do this each day this month, it'll not only become a habit but a time that I look forward to each day. I know that the more time I spend alone with God, the better our relationship will be.

I figured that was a goal that would better serve me than giving up Hot Tamales. Maybe I'll tackle that one in August. I've certainly got enough self-betterment opportunities to take a new one each month for, I don't know... forever. I love the idea that we can be constantly changing and growing and becoming more of who God would have us to be. And I'm forever grateful that He's generous with the time it sometimes takes us.

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