Chasing Contentment

Friday, July 8

Now that I have children, I find myself thinking more and more about God as The Father. I come closer to grasping concepts that I didn't before. As a parent, I better understand the idea of a father reaching out to his children, yearing to give the stability they need, aching to have them reach up to meet his hand in return.

Relationships have always been primary to me. I can remember a time in middle school when my world history class was assigned a television mini-series to watch and report on. When my friend, S, and I compared our written reports, her report detailed the war and the political efforts depicted (the actual assignment, I'm sure) while mine detailed all of the relationships between the characters.

Because I value the interplay between people so very much, I have at times gotten my feelings hurt by this or that. As I think about how wounded we become when family or friends harm or betray us - whether by intent or accident - I also think about how our Heavenly Father must feel when we do the same to Him.

If we ourselves hurt when a friend falls out of contact with us or when a child disobeys despite having been lovingly instructed in the proper actions or when a family member disappoints us, how must God ache when we do the same to Him?

I've been feeling convicted lately about my relationship with Christ. For a long time now, I haven't been in the practice of having daily study time with God. My prayer life has always been strong (again, that's the relationship part of God's love for me), but I need to have a time that I put everything else aside so that I could read the Bible and meet with God over His word.

It's easy to say that I don't have time because of work or the kids or other things, but in truth, it hasn't been that hard to find those quiet moments. And it's been good for Griff to see me reading my Bible, and he and I have had chances to talk about scriptures. I know that's God using my willingness, not only to sharpen me but to lead Griffin.

I know that when I sit with Griff or Eliza and quietly talk and snuggle together, I am filled with a tenderness. I also know that they are gathering love during those moments, and I certainly need to sit at my Father's feet and gather His love so that I may redistribute it to those around me.

[  posted by Chel on Friday, July 08, 2005  ]


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