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Thursday, July 28

One of the reasons why I blog is so that those family and friends who don't live close to us can keep up with us on their own time and at their own pace. So, for them, here's a round-up of us...

Yesterday at Eliza's daycare, another child in her class took a toy from her. Eliza's worker said Eliza sat there and got so mad that she bit. Herself. She bit herself instead of the other child. The worker said she didn't fill out an incident report about it because she just wasn't sure how to write it up, which makes me smile.

She's getting bigger this summer. Her 12-month shorts now fit (she's 21 months old), and she's growing out of a few 12-month outfits. She refuses to leave the house without her pink bag from Mandy or her pink backpack from Tara. She now says 'juice' and 'cheese' and 'M&M,' which sounds a lot like the singer's name, and which rounds out her favorite food groups. Milk, cheese, and juice with an M&M for good measure.

Following with the injured theme, Griff has a large bump on his forehead from where he and his sitter, Patrick, yesterday butted heads while playing on the waterslide. He'll be a bumpy-headed mouse in his play this evening.

In Griff's art camp, the acting class he's in wrote and staged their own play. They'll be presenting it tonight, and he's excited and, according to him, "a little nervous." The nerves are a sure sign of growing up.

Griff watches too much Nick, plays too much GameCube, and hates to read. A typical boy, I suppose. He likes the "Magic Tree House" and the "Captain Underpants" series of books.

He and I are going today to buy uniforms and school supplies. If things go well today, we're going to the movies ("Charlie and the Chocolate Factory")tomorrow.

Mike's appointment with the audiologist on Monday went very badly, and now he's backing away from being willing to get a hearing aid at all. The significant financial outlay bothers him, too, but he's got an appointment in August with a rehabilitation group who might be able to help with that.

He's hoping to be finished with chapter seven of his disseration this week which would only leave the wrap-up chapter eight. With luck, he'll defend in early fall and receive his degree in December.

I've enjoyed the summer of having Mike home (for the first summer since Griff was an infant) and not having Griff's homework or school and church activities filling our time. We've taken trips and played and just enjoyed our time together. The shingles are still bothering me, but mostly only in the afternoons and evenings now, which is an improvement.

I'm still reading a mixture of yummy romance novels and helpful spiritual books. I'm still watching too much tv and playing too much 'no I don't want to play GameCube with you.' I'm still worried about my body image and trying to use my gifts to help those around me.

So, in not so short form, that's us. A pretty good report, I think.

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I can't express how happy I am that you guys had an enjoyable summer. You all needed that so much, and I'm so glad for you!

By Blogger crisper, at 8:31 AM  

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