Chasing Contentment

Thursday, July 7

Our world is under attack again, in a very visible manner. I know that there are places in our world that are under attack on a daily basis, but this brings the horror of terrorism to the forefront yet again. My prayers are with the families of the injured and dead, and I pray now for the strength of the medical and counseling teams caring for those left behind.

London is a dear place to Mike. He - and many of our friends - spent time there studying during college, and those memories are precious. A friend mentioned that one of the bombing sites was near a place that is important to her. The London tragedy is another tangible reminder of the turmoil in our world today.
Jana wonders whether it is worthwhile to pray for world peace any longer. I share her frustration, as I'm sure do countless others. We pray earnestly (and endlessly, it sometimes feels) and yet wars rage onward. Families are torn apart. Poverty and homelessness continue. There is such sorrow and hurt in this world.

I believe it is not by accident that these attacks happened during the G8 conference. I believe that Satan always attacks good men and women while they are trying to do good. Those moments when people come together to work for good are the very moments when his power is being chipped away.

And so I think that we should all join together and continue working to do God's good work. There was an energized volunteer movement in our country after 9/11, with more people wanting to help their fellow man. Maybe this will again renew our desire to offer a hand of assistance to another.

The ONE Campaign is an encouraging way in which we can all get involved in the lives of those people in need around the world. Mike said last night that any cause that can involve both P. Daddy and Pat Robertson must have some amazing common ground.

Today, I'm going to hug my family and offer a prayer of thanksgiving for their safety. I'm going to thank my Heavenly Father for the fact that His protection overshadows any other. And I'm going to ask Him to guide me to opportunities to give to those around me in need.

[  posted by Chel on Thursday, July 07, 2005  ]


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