Chasing Contentment

Friday, July 8

We stopped being afraid of our children's food allergies a long time ago. Parents of allergic kids pretty much have to adjust their lives and then move on without the fear or it will render them unable to go on. We just do what we can and trust the Lord to protect Griff and Eliza. It's really all we can do.

We've been thoroughly blessed, though, to have people around us who are aware of our children's allergies and are actively helping us to both protect the kids and allow them children's fun. The teacher of the camp class Griff was in this week called me more than once to make sure this or that was okay for him, for which I am grateful. He's going to a birthday party tomorrow, and the birthday boy's mother just called me to make sure she would have things Griff could eat at the party. Neither of these women had to do that, to go out of their way for us. But they did. And we are thankful.

God is merciful to give us people in our lives who lessen the daily struggles and who increase the daily joys.

[  posted by Chel on Friday, July 08, 2005  ]


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