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Tuesday, August 9

Ah, the delightful energy of the night before a trip. Somehow all of the lights in the house end up blazing, and the television's not quite as loud as usual, though the Astros game is on. And there's just a lovely humm around our house tonight.

All of my family is outside sitting in my car. Mike's cleaning it out for the trip while Griff and Eliza crawl around the forbidden territory that is the front seat. All are listening to the Astros on the XM, of course. And so I have a moment alone.

Mike and I will be in San Antonio tomorrow through Saturday, and I must admit that I've entertained the idea of going to see the church of Real Live Preacher. Aleece says I absolutely should. Mike says I'm nuts.

And I can't decide if I feel more like a stalker (if I just go see his church) or a groupie (if I actually am bold enough to try to meet him), neither of which really feels quite like me. And yet, I've very much enjoyed reading his blog, and I'm intrigued. And ... I just haven't decided yet.

[  posted by Chel on Tuesday, August 09, 2005  ]


Hey, drop by anytime. It's a church! All are welcome and for practically any reason. I'll be at the church Thursday and Friday, off and on. There is a map on our church website.

Sadly, it's the last week before school stars so my church hours are weird. Most of the year I'm there pretty much all day every Wed, Thurs, and Friday.


By Blogger Real Live Preacher, at 9:32 PM  

Glad he commented here. I was going to say, stop by. It will be a visit you'll never forget. I met a pastor in a baptist chat room one time. He was pastoring in San Antonio at the time. We were there and went to church on that Sunday and had a great time. He and his wife showed us around San Antonio. Later he correctly advised me about a church I was considering. Kinda neat. Not stalkerish at all. Go girl!

By Blogger The Pastor, at 10:52 PM  

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