Chasing Contentment

Thursday, August 4

How blessed is it that I have my family here with me? While I understand that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow by our Lord, it is easy to become accustomed to the mere presence of the people who I love most.

Griff has two little friends to whom he is close, and both of them are without their fathers right now as they are serving in Iraq. One little boy has spent the day with Mike and Griff today. They played video games and went swimming, and we all had dinner together. Griff adores Mike and always wants him to play, and W has been asking for Mike to play, too. At this age, I know W misses the male influence of his daddy.

Mike was telling me that they were all in the truck together earlier when the boys began to talk about fears and what their fears were (amazing what children will talk about when left to themselves).

Griff said he is afraid of high places (a recent thing... since we bought him a loft bed), which seems like a very reasonable fear for a seven-year-old. W said he is afraid his dad will die. And that seems like an unfortunate but certainly possible fear for this little boy. And my heart breaks for him... and for his brother and sisters (at seven, he's the eldest of four) and for his mother.

And so tonight as I listen to all of them laugh and joke with one another, competing in yet another video game, I am grateful that God has allowed us to be in the lives of this family. I am grateful that Mike is the man he is and that God gave me the opportunity to be with him.

And I am selfishly grateful to have all of my people under the same roof covering my head.

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