Chasing Contentment

Saturday, August 27

I love Saturdays... the easy pace, the lolling around. There are always errands to be run and things to be done, but there's just a different feel about Saturdays. I love the random feeling Saturday give me...

We began our Saturday Suppers this evening and had one of Griff's friends and her family (her mom and sister... her father is in Iraq) join us for dinner. We all had a lovely time just visiting with the kids playing together. Eliza runs along with the big kids... she's not quite figured out yet that she isn't that big. Bless her.

My side hurts again today. The shingles hadn't hurt in a couple of weeks, but today's been uncomfortable. I'm hoping it's just left-over pain and not a sign that they might be coming back again.

So many people are in the process of evacuating now. Many will come through here, and I suspect our church will open tomorrow as a shelter. My dear family keeps calling and asking if we'll evacuate, which makes Mike laugh. We live far too far inland for evacuation to be something we'll need to consider. But we could face storms and rain and winds and such. With the current heat, one of my biggest concerned is losing power for several days. But we'll just pray. Mostly, we'll pray for those who are in Katrina's direct path.

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