Chasing Contentment

Monday, August 1

I never read parenting magazines or books. With my tendencies toward guilt, I usually feel badly about my parenting style after reading them. So I made a choice years ago to not read such things.

But in my search for reading material from women in similar circumstances as mine, I came across BRAIN, CHILD magazine and ordered a few sample issues. In a quick flip-through of the samples that arrived in the mail today, I found a pull-quote that I loved.

"After a while, I began to wonder how many of the advice-givers were really in a position to advise. Sure, most had experience raising kids. But none of them had raised my kids."
from Mom Blame by Katy Read in BRAIN, CHILD Winter 2005
I think, for me, one of the big problems with child rearing magazines and books was that solutions were often presented as fitting everyone. And, at least for my kids, there's not a universal solution for anything. We have to find what works for each child at that particular moment in time.

If that quote is any indication, maybe I've found a parenting magazine I can read and enjoy.

Addendum...August 2...
I flipped through the magazines last night, fully reading only one article, which I enjoyed. I should note, however, the the tone is very straight-forward (blunt and bold, even), and thus, might not be for everyone. But I'm pretty sure it's for me.

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