Chasing Contentment

Tuesday, August 23

My family didn't have many traditions when I was growing up, and many of our childhood traditions fell by the wayside when I was in my teens. Longing for some constant threads to tie my own family together, I've worked to create traditions that can grow with our children.

One of the things we do is that each evening at dinner, we each tell the best and the worst thing that happened to us during that day. It's a quick and easy way for us to guage how Griff's doing and what's going on in his life on those days that he might not be chatty. No one has to have a worst - it's a pretty good day when there's no worst to report! - but everyone has to have a best.

We insist on that in order to remind all of us that God gives us blessings in each day. We just have to be paying attention so that we can see them. By having to think through our day and find a best, we see God's hand in our daily lives.

Today, my best will be an email from an old friend who told me about her life and asked about mine. Best of all, she closed with kind words not about this or that I had done but about my essential nature. And I needed that today. And I am grateful for her kind words and for her friendship.

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