Chasing Contentment

Wednesday, August 17

Struggles - in all their various forms - are something I've accepted as part of life. They're hard by their very nature, but they're also often temporary. And in the struggles, I learn the things God doesn't teach me during the comfortable times.

I've talked about how this has been my summer of grace. My family has traveled and spent time with family and friends and has laughed together. We have genuinely enjoyed one another. And I've known that time like that wouldn't last forever, and so I've tried to soak it all up, to fill my wells with joy so that when the joy rain wasn't falling as readily, I would be able to draw upon what has been given to me this summer.

Already, we are seeing that the fall is going to be different, more difficult. There are things that will test us in so many ways. Mike and I will cling to one another for strength, and we'll rely on our Lord to provide the ability to do the things that feel so very beyond our own abilities. We'll trust that friends are praying for us, asking God to carry us along.

And I am admittedly afraid of the possibilities that we are preparing for at this point. I am unsure and uncertain. But I know this is happening whether I enjoy it or am ready for it or not. More importantly, I know my Lord has plans I have not yet imagined. And I trust in that.

Because just as I know struggles are part of this life, I also know our Lord blesses us with times of refreshment and renewal. And so this difficulty that we prepare for now will pass away at some point, and we'll again be given times of purer joy. Until that time, it is my responsibility to remember that while I cannot control the external things that assault us, I can control my reactions to those situations.

It is my hope that those around us see us act in a kind and tender manner to unkind actions, that they see us leaning on the Lord for stability and strength, that they know in Whom we put our trust.

[  posted by Chel on Wednesday, August 17, 2005  ]


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