Chasing Contentment

Friday, August 5

While the summer heat will linger on into October or so here in the Deep South, we're in the last days of summer.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our summer, which only makes it harder to think about beginning school again. Mike will begin working on lectures in the evenings (hopefully instead of his dissertation rather than in addition to), and Griff will have homework of his own.

Second grade at his school is the reading year, which doesn't bode well for us, given his lack of interest in reading. We'll actually have to go back to Griff and Eliza having bedtimes, and we'll have to start making lunches again.

While I don't much look forward to any of those things, the thing I dislike the most is having to think about Griff's lunches and the search to find something he'll eat. Lunches are the most difficult part about Griff's allergies, on a practical level.

Because of his many food allergies, he has to brown-bag it every day. Now, he doesn't seem to mind that much, as he's always assured of sweets the other kids might not get with their tray lunches.

But his tastes are constantly in flux (something I blame upon him eating lunch with lots of other kids at school every day. Until kindergarten, he was an adventurous eater. Now, he's finicky.), and so it's an effort to find something for him to eat that both appeals to him and assures me that he's getting at least a tiny bit of nutrition.

And, in all honest, a tiny bit of nutrition really is all I'm after. In terms of looking at his diet on the whole and trying to see if he's getting enough good foods, I only look at breakfast and dinner. I figure lunch is a wash. Anything good he gets there is a bonus. But I'd sure like that bonus to be a little easier for me and more of a boost for him.

So this weekend we're going to begin the task of lunches... we'll talk about what he likes and what I wish he would like, and we'll try some new recipes I've found, and at the end of the weekend, we'll agree to disagree... just like every fall. It's our own little rite of passage.

I've always wanted to build traditions for our kids that were just our own, and we have. It's just that they're all a little kooky. Maybe that makes them wonderful.

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