Chasing Contentment

Thursday, September 1

If we all take little baby steps toward helping one another, then we can all begin the ripple effect of helping. That's what my little girls missions group and I talked about last night in church.

They were all really excited about making cards to put with the stuffed animals that will be given to the children in the shelters here in town. We also talked about being friendly to the new children who will be in their classrooms at school this week, about how being a friend to them could make a really difficult time a little less difficult for those boys and girls. Baby steps.

On the first day of the month for the last few months, I've either added or subtracted something from my life with the goal of doing that thing (or not) for an entire month. It's a self-help-Chel sort of thing.

This month, Mike and I have agreed that every time we go out to eat, get take-out, or eat on the fly (all things we do often), we will put an equal amount of money in an envelope and at the end of the month, we'll donate the entire amount to the Red Cross. We aren't in a position to do much to help financially, but we can commit to doing this.

Mike also became a Red Cross volunteer (there's a process to complete) last night at church, so he can now begin helping at the shelters. Many of the people who evacuated didn't expect to be gone more than a day or so, and they don't have enough clothing or necessities. A friend of mine and I are going at lunch today to buy supplies to give to a church (the pastor and his wife are friends of ours) which has welcomed evacuees.

There are so many needs, and I get overwhelmed if I think of them all. So I'm taking baby steps, doing what we can each day.

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