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Friday, September 2

I've had people ask how they can help, and so I want to share ways. I want to help anyone and everyone help!

On a local level, we're gathering supplies - everything from toiletries to clothing to school supplies - to give to the shelters here in town (if anyone has infant clothing they would like to donate, leave a comment & I'll try to get with you to arrange that).

A local television station did a telethon yesterday and today and raise a really wonderful amount of money. Unfortunately, what is most needed from a national (international) perspective is money and time.

But I know that a lot of people can't afford to give much (we can't) out of their own pockets, and I've been trying to think of suggestions to offer those people. So here goes... please forgive me if these sound too 'youth group'... And in all of these, I'll use the word 'church' because it's easier. Substitute whatever organization you're in that is interested!

* Hold a bake sale at your church and donate the money.
* Gather all of your friends and have a big yard or rummage sale and donate that money.
* If you make crafts, organize a bazaar and sell your art. Donate the money.
* Have a service auction at church (offer to rake a yard, change the oil in a car, host a gourmet dinner for four, granma's famous cake) and donate the funds.
* Hold a free carwash and ask for donations for Katrina victims.

Mike and I agreed that for the month of September, every time we go out to eat, we will put aside an equal amount of money. On Oct. 1, we'll write a check for that amount to the Red Cross. Is there something you do that you could match? Every time you buy a new book or magazine? Every time you rent a movie or go to the theater?

If you are able to give financially, here are some creative ways to do that...
* The Truth Laid Bear is encouraging donations through its blogs this weekend.
* Buy used items through Ebay's Giving Works.
* Buy CDs from this online retailer which is giving the profits to the Red Cross.
* Watch and donate to tonight's NBC Concert for Hurricane Relief.

Obviously, you can still give to the Red Cross and others (please see the middle column here). If anyone has other ideas, please list them in the Comments on this post! I'm sure this is nowhere near as wonderful as Karama would do at So What Can I Do? but until she returns from her honeymoon.

Update... Habitat for Humanity is beginning a program to build homes around the country that will eventually be transported to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region. See if your community has a Habitat chapter and volunteer. Pick up a hammer. Help rebuild lives.

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If you can open your home to evacuees, sign up at or Chel - if you hear of anyone who is looking to relocate temporarily (or permanently) to Nashville, we are more than willing to open our home to them.

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