Chasing Contentment

Monday, September 19

Our individual personalities determine so much about us. Our family is currently in a church that encourages individual expression, artistic abilities, and personal introspection. In some ways, it's a good fit for us, but in others, not really.

The worship services feature sermons that are intelligent and intricately woven together. Though Mike doesn't always agree with the content, he's come to deeply appreciate the form, and thus is in his element in the worship services.

Me, not so much. Whether good or bad, I'm not the intelligent one in our family. I'm the heart of our home, and I miss worship services that carry more emotional punches.

We've talked for years that what each of us needed most from a church service or sermon was almost exactly what the other did not need. For the moment, the church we're in serves Mike's needs (at least in the worship style) more than mine.

Aleece recently sent me the "You've Got Style" quiz about worship styles based upon a study by Andy Stanley. It was no surprise to me that my strongest worship styles were as a Caregiver and Contemplative. Both of those descriptions, I think, describe me well.

Of course, Mike didn't score at all as a Caregiver, while two of his strong areas didn't register at all on my chart. The quiz just reinforced what we already knew - we have different needs and strengths.

I appreciate the quiz for reminding me, though, that the nurturing and caregiving I feel so drawn to are actually part of who God created me to be. Because my worship strengths aren't being met in our worship services, I am striving to fill those needs in other ways. And I pray that He find my willingness pleasing and that He use me in His ways.

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