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Tuesday, October 11

100 Wonderful Things About Me
1. I pray.
2. I am loyal.
3. I love whole-heartedly.
4. I am a good friend.
5. I write well.
6. I can study how someone else speaks and writes and presents himself or herself and write well for him or her. I could be an amazing speechwriter.
7. I am funny, in a dry sort of way.
8. I am caring, or at least I try to be.
9. I am witty... clever, even, sometimes.
10. Mike says I am beautiful, and if he thinks so, that's fine by me.
11. Unmentionable...contributed by Mike
12. I am compassionate... a bleeding heart, really.
13. I am empathetic. I think one of my gifts from God is that I tend to things from more than one perspective.
14. I am understanding.
15. I am organized, even when it drives everyone else crazy. I love new planners. 16. I am a good wife (I'm so thankful Mike thinks so!).
17. I try to be a good mother.
18. When I wake up in the night and can't sleep, I pray.
19. I am a good home manager (which is not the same as a good housekeeper, which I am not).
*Okay, I admit it. Wonderful things number 7 through 19 came from Mike, though I modified them some. I needed some help to get going. We are all so well trained to believe that pride is bad that it feels awkward to think of - and write down - the good things about myself.
20. I am dependable... which sounds pretty dull and lame but which I am pleased to be, nonetheless.
21. I am loving.
22. I strive to see the blessings in my daily life.
23. I have good hair.
24. I am good at keeping up with people, which sometimes leaves me uncomfortable and sad when they don't keep up with me. But keeping in contact is just part of who I am.
25. I make a yummy Mexican Chicken Casserole.
26. I hate sports, but I know all manner of Astros trivia tidbits.
27. I can talk Jimmy Neutron and Pokemon with Griff because he thinks they're important.
28. I can make a pretty bracelet.
29. I can make most anything sound good when written out.
30. I love new lipsticks.
31. I have a friend who says I am a great girly-girl mentor... probably because I love all things girly.
32. I am a good listener, which is surprising given what a talker I am.
33. I'm a good blogger, though not necessarily a successful one by some standards. But my blog meets my basic goals for it, and for me, that's enough to be good.
34. I am well-versed in popular culture.
35. I turned my brother and sister-in-law onto "Buffy" after they made fun of me for watching. And now they're loving "Scrubs" at my suggestion. Now, if they'd just watch "Veronica Mars."
36. I'm the friend who says 'I'd never do this or that... I'm too selfish' but then when this or that is needed, I'm the one there willing to do it.
37. I cry at sad stories in the newspaper. Mandy has to call and tell me when she has sad stories on the front page of the next day's paper to prepare me.
38. I watch "The Wedding Planner" every time I flip by it on television and get all weepy at the exact same parts every time.
39. I am honest... as honest as I think any of us ever get.
40. I want to learn more about the Bible and about God, and I am seeking out those who know more than me and who can teach me.
41. Nursing Griff for 10 months left with with one very nice long-term benefit.
42. I can't do my multiplication tables, which I've decided to view as charming rather than incompetent.
43. When someone gets sick, I'll take a meal to the family. A really good one.
44. I make this amazing Catch A Man Dip (thanks to Terri) which I have successfully modified so that my allergic children can eat it.
45. I am content to trust God to watch over and protect my allergic children, and I go out of my way to encourage other parents who discover food allergies in their children.
46. I send a card each year on Eliza's birthday to thank the doctor who saved both of our lives. He is an angel sent straight from heaven and no one will convince me (or Mike) otherwise.
47. When a family in our church has a newborn who has to stay in the NICU, I send the parents a card. If they are in the same hospital that Eliza was, I mention how amazing the staff is.
48. I often pick my very favorite television show not because the acting is good but because the writing is so amazing. I am a sucker for things well-written. It's one of the ways I fell in love with Mike.
49. I love.
50. I am proudest of the things I do for other people, to make things easier for them.
51. I want God to use me.
52. I love ice cream thanks to my Pawpaw and my Bud.
53. I adore rituals and a sense of history. I want my family to have traditions that we observe, that my children will remember.
54. I enjoy Thanksgiving only as a portal to Christmas, which I adore.
55. I open my Christmas presents when no one is home and then re-wrap them... except for gifts from Mike and the kids. I have some self-control.
56. I have a friend who I still hear from periodically who I went to kindergarten with... I have a close friend who I met when I was 14. Longevity is my thing.
57. I love pizza. I may never be a size 8 again, but I do love pizza.
58. I am stubborn. Determined would be a nicer but less accurate word.
59. I am fiercely protective of those I love.
60. I entertain well.
61. I love handbags and comfy pajamas. Mike says if I could buy a bag stuffed with pajamas, I'd be happy.
62. I say that people had better call before coming over, but my home is always open.
63. I'm a lousy money manager and an excellent shopper which is a bad combination but part of me nonetheless so I might as well call it wonderful.
64. I am friends with a conservative male pastor with whom I do not always agree. I grow from our friendship.
65. I seek out friends who are in different places in life and friends who have different views than my own. I tell Griff that we learn from people who are different from us.
66. I have friends who are just like me, and I cherish them.
67. I am a wretched singer, but Griff and I sing loud together in the car. "Cheeseburger in Paradise" is our favorite.
68. Eliza is me made over, and I am intimidated and inspired by her.
69. I am strong.
70. I am tender.
71. I am opinionated, though I have learned through the years to be selective about where and with whom I share those opinions.
72. I am just as passionate as I was when I was younger, but I now am more focused in my passions.
73. I try to be supportive of those I love, even if I'm worried and fearful.
74. In general, I cannot keep a secret, though I didn't tell Mandy for months that I had seen the ring Josh would eventually propose to her with... one of my finest moments. I cannot keep a secret at all from Mike, which ruins all of his gifts but certainly promotes trust.
75. I will take a friend's side regardless of right or wrong. I'll share concerns later, but in the midst of turmoil, I'm always going to stand alongside a friend.
76. I love shoes. And Shoes on Sale are even better.
77. I am humbled that God knows best my selfish, icky tendencies and yet He chose me to be with Mike to rear these children. That brings me to my knees.
78. I love television. I do. Just all tv... good, bad, and in between. Long live the new and bigger TV Guide.
79. I prefer sappy romantic movies, but I'll gladly sleep next to Mike on the sofa while he watches his war and death movies.
80. I love email and how it's made it easier for so many of us to keep in touch.
81. I can talk to anyone. I love chitchat and getting to know people.
82. I have trouble saying the word 'rural,' which cracks me up.
83. When there is a need in a life, I don't want to meet that need... so often that's not possible. I want to find a tiny way to divert attention from the need, if only for a moment.
84. If it weren't for the whole imminent death thing, I would want more children.
85. I think it's perfectly fine to stop at one child. Or to have no children. Or to adopt.
86. I don't tell Griff that there are any bad words. I love words, most all of them, so I can't bring myself to say many of them are bad. There are grown-up words, words children can't say, words grown-ups shouldn't say. But they aren't bad, per se.
87. I think 'war,' 'hate,' and 'can't' are bad words.
88. I am tolerant of other people's choices even when I disagree with them. I'll express my disagreement - usually - only if asked. I'm not one to believe that I have the answers for anyone when I'm still searching for so many of my own.
89. I want people to be honest with me. All the time, even if it hurts. I think honesty is easier than lies. Except of course, if my hair looks funky or a groovy pair of pants makes my butt look big.
90. I am all things girly.
91. I have cried through sad books, so much so that I've had to stop reading until I could see through the tears again.
92. I am thoughtful.
93. I do holiday planning really well. Really well.
94. I shop really well, too. I like to find gifts that really match the recipient.
95. I apologize when I'm wrong.. especially when it's my kids I have wronged.
96. I see things in words, not pictures.
97. I love to pad around the house in the still of the morning before anyone else is awake...but I so love the warmth of our big bed that I rarely manage to spend much time alone in the house.
98. I hate awkward, uncomfortable moments for anyone. In the middle of shows, when the uncomfortable moment arrives, I'll mute them or forward through them or leave the room until Mike tells me it's not uncomfortable any longer.
99. I have groovy press-on toenails, and I show them off and tell everyone they're fake.
100. I love lists.

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