Chasing Contentment

Tuesday, October 25

Balance, I think, is the key to so many things in our lives. If we could just figure out how to walk that fine line between this or that, between wanting and giving, between love and less, I think we would all have much more contented lives.

At dinner last night, we discussed how we wanted to handle presents at Christmas this year. I certainly didn't want to let this teachable moment with Griff get away from us, but I also didn't want him to end up disappointed Christmas morning and decide that having a generous spirit didn't really work for him.

So, he, Mike, and I worked out what we thought would work best while Eliza ate ice from everyone's drinks. With our extended families' blessings, we are all just giving gifts to the kids this year. For our immediate family, we're doing stockings (my very favorite thing Christmas morning) for everyone. And Mike and I will give Griff and Eliza three gifts each, in honor of the three gifts the Wise Men gave to baby Jesus.

We're going to try put an emphasis on giving to those around us and on finding ways to do that while doing things together as a family... having friends over for dinner, inviting someone whose family isn't here over for a meal, filling Angel Tree wishes. And the gifts that we give are going to be gifts that are more about meaning than clutter.

I feel comfortable with the choices we've made, and I'm so very encouraged that he wants to give to others in this way.

I've said over and again that the qualities that will make him an amazing man are there now, present and obvious. We just have to nurture those qualities while still encouraging the little boy he is.

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