Chasing Contentment

Sunday, October 9

My Mike is an amazing husband. But he's a lousy girlfriend, which is one reason I'm so grateful for the tremendous girlfriends I have in my life.

Three of these amazing women have called or emailed me since Eliza's birthday to tell me that they are celebrating Eliza's birthday with us but that they are also celebrating my life. They wanted to remind me that they are grateful that I made it through the battle with HELLP and that I'm okay now.

That means more to me than I can say. Eliza's birthday makes me sad some... I can't help but think of all that happened and how close we came to losing this life we love. And I am grateful to God for a beyond wonderful doctor who saved both my life and Eliza's. And I am grateful to God for these women who make my life so much richer.

Thank you to each of them.

[  posted by Chel on Sunday, October 09, 2005  ]


You make my life richer in turn. I'm so happy you had a great, celebratory weekend!!


By Blogger crisper, at 8:52 AM  

I'm not nearly cute enough to be a girlfriend.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:16 AM  

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