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Friday, October 7

Today is a special day in our home... Eliza turns two today. We are blessed by God through her.

Mike and I had always talked about just having the one child. We always joked with Griff about how it would always be the three of us together. And we were a pretty happy threesome. But God knew that what our family needed was an Eliza. And He surprised us with her. And she has been a surprise from the moment we found out that I was expecting her to the moment the doctor announced he needed to deliver her seven weeks early to this very moment.

She is challenging and demanding, strong-willed and stubborn. She is slow to laugh but hard to stop when she gets tickled. She is tiny but strong, delicate yet not fragile. In so very many ways, she is me all over again. My mom says that looking at Eliza is like looking at me all those years ago. Her face shape is mine. Her big brown eyes are mine.

Eliza Lillie is named in memory of her daddy's mother, Lillie, who was a strong, independent woman in her own right. Just like I think our Griffin Robert has been blessed with his namesake Uncle Bobby's sense of humor, I hope Eliza has been blessed with her Mawmaw Lillie's strength.

She speaks very little but communicates a lot. She loves her Griff and follows him around, determined to do all that he does. She adores her daddy, as do I. She is... a blessing we didn't know we needed. She is my living reminder that God's plans are better than my own and that His timing is perfect whether I agree with it or not.

Happy Birthday, Eliza Lil.

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Yours wasn't the only family that needed Eliza. We love those kids of yours.

By Blogger Joshua, at 4:40 PM  

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