Chasing Contentment

Monday, November 28

I love Advent.

I love the anticipation of the holidays... the idea that we are waiting for something great... something amazing beyond our dreams.

We lit the first candle on the Advent Wreath last night, and the other couples in our weekly Bible study - along with their children - joined us, and it felt right. The eldest child in the group read the verse about light, and her tender young voice reflected the innocence of the moment. Her younger sister - celebrating her birthday - lit the first candle.

Brooklyn and Beyond had a lovely post about Advent today, and thanks to the Presbyterians, I'm reading an Advent devotional each day. I love the idea of immersing myself in the anticipation of the Lord.

I love talking with Griff about Jesus and his birth, about its meaning. He hasn't made a profession of faith yet, but I know that we are doing our job as his parents by surrounding him with love and with evidences of God. We are giving him a knowledge and a heart that will allow him to be a servant of Christ throughout his life, if he will only choose that path.

I love the holidays in general, to be honest. We had a good Thanksgiving week last week, and we are set to begin this Christmas season in earnest now that we are home and back in our routine. We will have yummy goodies, and we will have friends as guests in our home. We will watch sappy holiday movies, and we will sing Christmas songs as loud as we can. We will turn off all the lights and watch the Christmas tree lights shine. We will be together.

What could be better?

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