Chasing Contentment

Friday, November 4

The struggles of the poor - of the middle class even! - in our fair state are mounting. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have caused ripples of difficulty that are far-reaching.

Our unemployment rate is higher than ever, and it doesn't look like like it's going to be getting any better anytime soon. Gasoline prices are still high, and the cost of just everything is getting higher because the transportation costs are still rising.

The good drivers are busy hauling debris from New Orleans because FEMA is paying really well, and there's a shortage of drivers (oh, to be a OTR driver or skilled laborer right now!). FEMA has billed our state for billions of dollars, and there's just no way to know how that bill will be paid.

I think our government should be helping those people who have been hardest hit - the poor. I think we all should be helping them for that matter. This situation is going to continue to be difficult for some time to so many ways.

Just today I told my brother that I think I'm becoming a closet conservative Democrat, if such a thing exists, because of my views on how we all need to be helping one another.

Now, I am completely out of the political loop. I have no idea what means what or what identifies with which party. I'm a political idiot, I admit it. I vote based upon people, not parties. Which is why this quiz I took today is so funny. The quiz says I'm a social liberal (at 71%) and an economic liberal (at 23%) which would make me a strong Democrat. It's news to me... another example of labels not feeling quite right.

[  posted by Chel on Friday, November 04, 2005  ]


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