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Thursday, December 1

Just when I'm feeling a little less-than-holiday cheerful, a little frumpy and grumpy, a little lousy, I get something a little delightful to remind me that there are wonders outside of myself that I need to focus on when I get all bogged down.

I have gotten a few hits on my blog from Two Talent Living in the last week or so (which I thought was odd given that visits here have been down in general since I was out during Thanksgiving week and since everyone -I hope - is out enjoying the Advent season).

I discovered this morning that Chasing Contentment was nominated as a 2005 Blog of Beauty in the category of Best Design - Contemporary. Now, CC and I didn't make the finalists, but I am delighted beyond words to have been nominated. I would very much like to know who nominated CC... if anyone would like to share. :)

Now, in all honesty, I'd have been more pleased personally to have been nominated in one of the other categories (Best Encourager would have been my ideal compliment), but I am surprised and delighted nonetheless.

This nomination is special to me because this design isn't my creation. It's not even much of my doing. I found the free template online (designed by Karysima, who generously allowed me to change it some). My friend, Aleece, is an artist by nature and a web designer by current trade.

She took what she knows about me and blended my personality into the look and the colors of this blog. She's the one who made it what it is today. For me, logging onto CC makes me feel calm and cozy and loved. Now, I have no idea if that comes through to anyone else reading it, but for me, it is a comfortable place to be. And that is important to me... that people be comfortable with me, in my home, and here on my blog.

I am grateful that Aleece generously created this space for me to be what I wanted and needed it to be. So, in all honesty, this award belongs to her. Yay, Aleece! Thank you & congratulations!

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Perhaps the greatest compliment to the designer and to she who inspired the design, is that the design fits the blogger. What good is a flashy site if that isn't who the person is. The colors, the text, the big sunflower, all feel warm and cozy, as the commentary on the site usually does (except when the commentator is in the bad place - and even then, the site feels right). Yeah, Aleece

By Blogger geauxstros, at 1:25 PM  

The warmth of the design is a perfect match to how I see the author. Two thumbs up to Aleece for capturing her essence.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:41 AM  

The blog is wonderful! The design is gorgeous and deserves a nod! However, the writing is fabulous, also! Way to go!!!

By Anonymous Lee Ann, at 6:26 PM  

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