Chasing Contentment

Thursday, December 29

Mike's brother and his family are coming to visit us today, and we're all excited about it. They've been in the state since Monday staying at Mike's dad's in Baton Rouge, and Griff keeps asking when they'll be here. It's so sweet.

We'll all go back to Baton Rouge together tomorrow and spend the New Year's weekend together. It'll be the first time that we've all spent New Year's Eve together, and I hope it's a special time for Mike.

I've written before about how grateful I am that Mike and I both have close relationships with our brothers. Those ties are strong and dear, and those relationships ground us in ways others couldn't. I pray that Griff and Eliza have that bond as they age.

I'm also grateful that Griff and Eliza get to play with their cousins and have good times with them. My brother and I didn't have close cousins growing up, and it's important to me that our kids have that experience.

So, this is it for me for 2005. I think I've blogged true to my goal for this blog (that this be a loving, nurturing, encouraging place for me to write about my faith and the things that matter most to me... that I try to focus on God's grace and loe in my life) and I look forward to what 2006 holds.

Happy New Year's.

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Happy New Year, Chel!

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