Chasing Contentment

Wednesday, December 7

To be as anal-retentive and organized and formulatic as I am, I don't have a great need for absolutes. I am perfectly accepting of contradictions, whether in people or in life or in the Bible.

Mike and I have been doing a Bible study this fall with two other couples, and we've been studying covenants, both in concept and in Biblical actuality. The man leading the study is both more conservative and more literal-minded than I am, and so it's been a really good thing for me to learn from someone different from me. It's caused me to grow more than if I were simply studying with someone who always agreed with me (though I'm probably driving him crazy in the process).

The group, as a whole, seems more intelligent and focused than I am, and I have been deeply grateful for their kindness and patience (they've all begun helping me find the books of the Bible that are lost to me, and they're gracious & I'm not embarassed any longer). I'm interested in what people find challenging and problematic, and I think it's terribly interesting that when we talked about prayer and read Scriptures about prayer, several folks expressed difficulty with the contradictions.

I don't mind them at all. Prayer, as I've said before, is one of the few things in my spiritual life that I feel like I consistently get right. Prayer feels right to me when other things don't.

I'm never going to be the theological one or the scholarly one. Which is one reason I've never submitted any posts to the Christian Carnivals that happen each week, though I sometimes read the posts and am challenged by them. I'm just never going to feel comfortable enough in that particular realm to submit something of my own.

But Sallie at Two Talent Living (sponsor of the Blogs of Beauty Awards for which I was so honored to have been nominated) is beginning a Carnival of Beauty which sounds delightful. To write about God's beauty and His glory and His majesty and to write about those things in terms of our daily lives... that's something I could do.

So I'm going to eagerly await news from Sallie about when the first Carnival will be up and running. What a fun thing to discover on a dreary Wednesday morning!

Dec. 8 Update... Sallie has chosen not to begin the Carnival of Beauty at this time, though I hope she revisits the idea at a later date. I've enjoyed reading her blog & have been grateful for all of the links to new blogs for me to try.

Dec. 9 Update... Sallie has changed her mind, and the Carnival of Beauty will begin next week. How lovely! I think just everyone should enter, so we'll all have great new posts to read.

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Sallie at Two Tallent Living emailed me wanting to let you know who had nominated your blog. It was me! I have seen your blog on several aggrigators and lists and the name of it always grabs my attention. So when I was thinking of blogs to nominate, I saw yours listed and it grabbed me again! =) I feel like that sums up our lives sometimes...chasing contentment. I loved the sunflowers and enjoyed reading your entries...God bless!


By Anonymous crickl's nest, at 9:52 PM  

Christie - Thank you so much! I am deeply touched that you enjoy my design (and writing) enough to nominate me. That was a very kind thing to do.

Keep visiting.

By Blogger Chel, at 7:05 AM  

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