Chasing Contentment

Wednesday, December 28

We had a lovely Christmas, and I survived my annual day of Christmas Blues on the day after Christmas. We've taken down the decorations and are going to put up the New Year's Tree today. I've been thinking about 2005 this year and about the blessings and struggles we've had this year.

I am thankful this year that God has shown us some things about our future, and I am thankful that He has continued to grow Eliza as a healthy, on-target toddler (pray for Joe and Laura, Sophia and Ira, who are struggling with Ira's little baby health). I am thankful that our friends who live in and around New Orleans were safe following Katrina, and I will continue to pray for them as they work to rebuild their lives.

For 2006, I wish lots of things for our family, some very personal, some very usual -happy times together, laughter, health.

I took this picture in our front flower bed last week. They're my crazy daisies. They're gerbera daisies that I planted forever ago & forgot about because they never bloomed. And then, out of the blue, there they were... these pale pink beauties waving their delicate faces above the dead leaves. I like to think they're my personal little symbol of hope for 2006.

May our lives be like these crazy daisies... beautiful and full of hope despite the dead leaves around us. Happy New Year's.

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